Latest Formal Suit For Men— Shop With Us Any Time Of Any Day 

formal suit for men

Latest Formal Suit For Men— Shop With Us Any Time Of Any Day 

Men’s fashion has come a long way, and it’s easier for men now to make their impression on each occasion. However, the Indian Market is expanding its category ‘formal suit for men‘ according to norms and tastes of fashionistas. Get yourself prepared with your personalized formal suit and outburst in the crowd…

Almost similar to the black-tie or white tie dress code, formal dresses are maximum for those events (usually formal occasions) when you need to show off elegance at its peak.

Here are some occasions that demand a formal suit for men:

  • Wedding: Wedding season is on the way, and you can grab your exclusive dress code from a wide range of collections of ‘formal suit for men’.
  • Meetings (be it business or personal): Wearing formal attire during business meetings is often bound with the rules and boosts the confidence of the participant. Make sure the suit allows you to move comfortably. To thrice the enlightenment, you can complement with a pair of oxford shoes.
  • Any Formal occasion: Any formal occasion that determines you to get dressed in a formal suit. 

The category, ‘formal suit for men’ is endless; you might find it hard to choose one for yourself— you have options to choose bandhgala, double-breasted, single-breasted, tuxedo and so forth.

Are you stuck between formal and semi-formal attire?

The differences between formal and semi-formal are quite distinctive. To begin with their details, formal dresses are two or three-piece suits, usually accompanied by a shirt and tie. Other’s end, semi-formal refers to dinner clothes— mostly tuxedos and other remixes of black tie.

The catch between them is— ‘formal suits for men’ are way more strict than a semi-formal dress. Semi-formal dresses are pretty relaxed, which you often refer to as ‘cocktail’ dresses. 

What’s your preference between the two?

Tips for wearing formal suit for men

  1. The basic rule of being formal is making it as simple as possible. Rather than pair it with fussy accessories like a tie pin, collar bar, braces and pocket square, you should use your personality to do the talking.
  2. Rather than trying to be ‘slim fit’, you must give comfort as a priority. Remember: ‘Too tight’ is not a good choice unless you can move more freely.
  3. If you are unsure about colour combinations, you can freely pick up earthy colours like deep green and browns. They look fabulous in most skin tones.
  4. Formal dress calls for shoes that conform to the ultimate statement. You can have a thought on derby shoes !
  5. Make sure the particular suit gets tailored to fit perfectly— not too tight, not too loose.

What formal suit colours are best suited for Indian men?

Colour may vary depending on individual skin tone, physical features and personality. It may also vary depending upon the occasion. 

We often notice people wear business suits of charcoal grey and navy blue. Additionally, we see colours like black, grey, blue, brown, beige and tan are universally accepted formal wear colours for suits. However, it is never a rule to follow them, but to break them as per your liking.

Shop with us the latest formal suit for men any time of any day. You will find 100% original brands of top designers. You can choose from a wide range of colours as well as sizes. 


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