4 Things To Consider While Choosing The Wood Router

4 Things To Consider While Choosing The Wood Router

If you love woodworking, one of the tools which you need to definitely have is the wood router. The problem is that among so many different options which you have for the wood router, it can become difficult for you to choose one. That is why; today we would share with you four different things which you need to always consider about woodworking router before picking the right one.

Type of Woodworking Router

You have to 1st and foremost look at the style of the woodworking router which you want to opt for. The 2 options which you have are:

Fixed base router

Plunger style router

You have to look at the pros and cons of both the options. Thereafter, you would be able to decide the perfect option for you.

Needless to say, a plunge router provides you the better capability of plunge cuts. That is why, depending on the woodworking tasks which you have to opt for, you have to choose router accordingly. A lot depends on the complexity of the woodworks which you normally undertake.

Power of The Router

You need to understand that if you’re looking to do just woodworking or at the most work on aluminum, low-power routers are good enough. Low power routers are also more affordable. However, if you’re thinking about working on other metals as well, you should go for the high powered router. Normally, the woodworking router comes with power rating from 1.5 to 2.5 hp which are more than enough for the normal woodworking. And it can be noted that you need to buy a router table  to keep it steady.

Depth Adjustment

You have to look into the fact whether the wood router which you are buying has the capability of depth adjustment or not. Ideally, when you’re having depth adjustment you would be able to cover large distances and thereafter you would be able to make small adjustments in order to use the router more effectively. However, when you’re buying the routers with the depth adjustment, you have to 1st go through the learning curve regarding how the gauge system works and thereafter only you would be able to use this route effectively. However, if you’re looking to have full control over the wood router, getting the wood router along with proper depth adjustment is one of the best options for you.

Guide Bushing

When you’re opting for a wood router, you have to also find out whether it is the guide bushing or not. With the help of guide bushing, you would be able to lock the router to the base. Guide bushing is nothing but a small sleeve. This would help you in cutting the wood in different patterns as well. If you’re looking to create woodworking patterns or if you’re looking for complex woodworking tasks, guide bushing is always needed in the wood router. That is why you have to look at the presence of guide bushing in the wood router before buying it.

So, when you’re looking to get the right kind of wood router for your woodworking hobby, it is important to look into these 4 points. These 4 points would help you in categorizing the wood router is in different categories and therefore would certainly help you pick the right one.


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