How to Use Mobile Phones as Learning Tools?


Today, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our lives and the truth is that we cannot imagine our lives without these devices. Besides, as the new trends set in we are witnessing that these devices are altering our lifestyle and moulding our attitudes toward a lot of things especially education. Well, most of the students own a smartphone today and they are using these devices to learn and even study. As such, mobile technology is reaching a new level and it’s uses ever expanding. Notably, mobile technology is providing an easy way of learning to modern day tech-savvy students and others. It is further becoming the most preferred alternative for learning various subjects as well as preparing effectively for the exams.

Having said that, in this article, we will discuss about how mobile technology can be used as an effective learning tool so that students can achieve better grades in exams.

Mobile Apps

A mobile device is useless without a software or an app. And with the development of smartphones we are also seeing a larger growth in the field of apps. Today, thousand of apps are available for download but among them students can easily find and download education apps or exam preparation ones from the app stores. These apps offer an engaging and unique learning experience. Students who use these apps can access features like quizzes, animations, videos, solved question papers, mock tests which makes the entire learning process more interesting. The apps are also very resourceful as they provide a lot of other details. For example, if you are preparing for class 8 exam the you can open the app and access the solutions like NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Science and more.

Up-to-date Information  and eReader

Mobile devices can be used to access the latest and updated information about any topic. Students can use these devices to instantly access the latest news, wikipedia, videos, statistics and other relevant informations. Smartphones can be used as an eReader where students can download eBooks or install eReader apps for a cheaper and convenient way to study. What’s good here is that, students can access a whole library of subject related e-books via mobile devices.

Educational Videos and Audio Content

Students can use their mobile devices to connect to the internet and access all kinds of educational videos from different websites most probably from YouTube which is the most popular website for video content. With video lessons, students can easily remember the topics and also retain them for a long period of time. Likewise, students can also use the devices to download and listen to a lot of audio educational content like online lectures, podcasts, etc.

Students Can Also Use Mobile Technology For

Mobile devices can further be used for effective communication and students can have group discussions from any part of the world. It can also be used to take notes as well as find study material, information about exams, etc instantly by utilizing mobile web services especially Google search. For instance, if students want to access NCERT solutions for class 8, they can just put a search for the topic in Google and all related information is provided instantly. Meanwhile, the cameras can be used to take pictures or record videos of important work or documents.

Here we have mentioned some of the ways in which mobile technology is helping students study effectively. To learn more about NCERT solutions and books you can visit to access all the required study materials.


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