Home Decor Shopping At Charity Stores: Things To Look For

Home Decor Shopping

Home Décor Shopping At Charity Stores: Things To Look For

Most of us walk around a home décor store with a wide eyed wonder while browsing through different decorative items, glass and crystal ware, lights and lamps. The excitement is even more if you are setting up your new home. However, the expense of many of these items could be beyond your budget forcing you and your family to compromise on certain items. It’s quite natural to feel dejected. Wondering how to set up your home on a budget without compromising on the quality of goods? Well, shop at a charity store.

The benefits of shopping at a charity store include

Using your money for charitable purposes

Cutting down expense

Reducing wastage

Finding unique and original pieces of decorative items

What are some of the decorative items to look for in a charitable store?

Artwork for walls

Most of the charity stores have a wide range of framed posters, photos and paintings that could adorn your walls. If you really like the painting it doesn’t matter if it has any true value or not. If you look carefully you could also end up with an original piece of art at a very low price.

Picture frames

You can pick up picture frames that are really cheap at a charity store. Adding a fresh coat of wood polish or paint could give the old frames a brand new look. This can be used to frame your photos, paintings and other artwork.

Lamps and shades

A charity store like MERS Goodwill’s is the right place to find the perfect vintage lamps and shades. Make sure that you test the lamp with a light bulb to ensure its working condition. You might have to mix and match different shades with a base to find one that fits perfectly.


Vintage clocks are usually available at charity stores for a very low price. It’s a classic piece of home décor and a very good investment even if it doesn’t work.

Different types of books

You can decorate your shelves using the wide range of books that you usually find at a charity store. You can get these books at unbelievable prices. Browse carefully for first-edition books, classics, books on art and literature, cookbooks and leather-bound editions.

Crystal and glassware

Most of the charity stores have a wide range of crystal and glassware including plates, glass tumblers, vases, champagne flutes, bowls and baking trays. You can get these at unimaginable prices compared to the ones that you buy at a home décor store.

Wooden furniture

Charity shops are a great place to find different pieces of furniture in solid wood. An antique looking chair or a classic wooden dinner table could be purchased at extremely low prices.

Most of the things that get donated to a charity store are in good condition and some of which could even have an antique value. You are likely to find almost all the required items and even more at a fraction of the actual cost!


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