All you need to know about Trick Scooters

trick scooters

All you need to know about trick scooters

Trick scooting is one of the most favourite stunt games to the scooter enthusiasts from all over the world. Once invented as a toy or a convenient commute platform, the scooter is now assigned and manufactured for another function. Trick scooting is a major event in many freestyle and stunt events.

The adrenaline rush that everyone likes

You can ride the trick scooters in any platform such as parks, driveways, walkways, pavements, etc. With a proper protection gear one, the enthusiast learns and masters the best moves. These scooters are a far better option as a gift to the teenagers than the video games. They race, fall, get up and learn what actual adrenaline rush is.

Trick scooters are made for performing tricks and stunts. The deck is generally narrower than regular scooters. It is made of steel to withstand immense pressure and stunt acts. The handlebar does not have any adjustment feature to avoid any mishap during the tricks. The wheels are shorter and the framework is stronger than the conventional trick scooters.

How to choose the right trick scooter?

Depending on the age, intention, and comfort level, here is the list of things you should consider before buying a trick scooter.

Handlebar size

The convention is to match your waistline width with the handlebar size for a better control.


The polyurethane or plastic wheels should be stronger and can withstand a lot of pressure. As per the durometer, the value should range between 80 and 88A.

Grip tape

The narrow deck must have grip tape so that you can enjoy ample grip while performing the tricks on the scooter. Grip tape is a must for better traction.


For beginners, spring brakes are ideal. For children, spring brakes work well as they do not offer too much pressure. For the adults who want to perform excellent tricks, flex fender is the ideal choice.


The trick scooters need to be strong so that it can withstand the tricks and the weight of the rider. Generally, the trick scooters weigh within 8 to 12 lbs. The lighter and sturdier versions come for the professional performers and with a heavier price tag.

Compression system

You can have three types of compression system choices, inverted, standard, and hidden system. A compression system helps the scooter to adjust to the need and comfort of the user.

Best trick scooters for beginners

Razor Pro Beast Sport Scooter

It can withstand 220 lbs of pressure. It weighs 7.6 lbs. Aircraft-grade aluminum is used to make the deck. The deck contains grip tape. The model uses fender brakes.

Outon Pro Freestyle Stunt Scooter

It weighs 7.5 lbs and can handle 300 lbs. The aluminum deck is grip taped. The model comes with stainless steel brakes.

Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter

It weighs 7.9 pounds. It can withstand 220 lbs. Heat-treated aluminum is used to make the deck.

There are many other options available in the market. Get the best one after availing a proper review from a user. Enjoy learning and performing tricks on your scooter.


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