How to Vacuum without Clogging

How to Vacuum without Clogging

Vacuum cleaners are like any other machine: They require maintenance to work efficiently. Without proper care, vacuum cleaners get clogged, then have little or no suction; the dirt then stays on the floor or is blown into the air. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent your hoover from experiencing hooves.

Nothing is more frustrating when you discover that your vacuum cleaner is clogged. But how can you stay away from your vacuum cleaner from not being clog? It’s advisable for you to know how to vacuum properly, as this will ultimately help in stopping your machine from clogging.

Inspect the Vacuum Cleaner

Before you can use your vacuum cleaner, make sure you check the vacuum bag to be sure it’s not full. But if t is full change it to ensure best result. One other thing you need to take note of is that you need to be proactive and you shouldn’t wait until the bag is full of dirt. But, in a situation your vacuum cleaner machine is bagless, empty the canister regularly. Also, make sure you check the hoses of the vacuum regularly to be sure there are no blockages in them. A very goodgroundwork can make your clean life easier when you eventually vacuum.

Use the Carpet Brush

You might want to make use of a carpet scrub brush. Using this it will increase the nap, particularly with heavier heap, all of which will get rid of lots of the fluff which could in the end clog a vacuum cleaner. Suck the scrub brush through the carpet and pick up the fluff using your hand. All you need is just a week to do that however, it’s going to be a sensible effort because it not only helps prevent clogging, but it as well serves to keep the carpet looking brand spanking new.

Preparing the Floor

Before you start vacuum make sure you go around all the rooms and gather up anything that could end up clogging the vacuum cleaner. Get everything that might present a potential clog out of the way.

If you are the type that vacuum your floors twice a week, then I can boldly tell you that you’re likely not to have dirt in on your carpets to clog your vacuum cleaner in which it will make your floors look much better and also for your carpet to last longer.

How to Vacuum

Whenever you vacuum, there exist trouble-free strategies to make sure you gather the dirt and dust and even staying away from clogs. It is recommended to always vacuum forward instead of backward. This is the most convenient way to make sure you do an intensive job and is much less labor-intensive compared to pulling the vacuum cleaner backward.

Constantly, you should always change direction. Doing it this way, you will stay away from any possible matting in the carpet which could result in clogs in your vacuum cleaner.

Using the Hoses

Getting under your couch can be difficult but with the help of hoses and nozzles that came with your vacuum cleaner it will make your cleaning easy. Make use of them very time you get under the furniture or corners in your homes. This is useful if you have a wooden or linoleum floors.

Additionally, it’s also applicable to vacuuming under the bed, though you’ll have to remove any debris first. Make use of the hose and appropriate nozzle to get all the dirt and dust up in your home.


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