The Dog Bark Collars – Most Popular for Stopping Dog Barking

The Dog Bark Collars

The Dog Bark Collars – Most Popular for Stopping Dog Barking

I don’t think when people choose a pet they give much thought to how much it might bark. Perhaps it is a yappy sort of breed, and that sound can drive you crazy, especially if it goes on ad infinitum nearly 24/7. Unless you chose a Basenji that is, obviously no barking problem with that breed.

Anti-bark collars are just that, and they teach the dog not to bark incessantly, for no good reason. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to discourage protection type barking, but nuisance barking would bring a definite affirmative vote.

Quite honestly an incessantly barking dog can be quite distressful both to the owner and to people around it. If you are lucky, you might be able to tune it out, but not everybody is capable of doing that. You could go around with ear plugs, but why should you? Especially if the barking dog is not yours.

You may have lived in your home for years before you got a dog, or just this particular dog, and all of a sudden you are falling out with your neighbors. This is just not acceptable and for the sake of everyone concerned it is up to you to do something about this gratuitous barking problem.

If your dog hasn’t responded to your commands, I mean if your normal training hasn’t produced results then I feel you are going to have gone the route of dog bark collars. You can read the bark collar reviews, which helps you to give more information, guide and select the top rated one for your barking dogs.

You will have a choice of the method that the collars employ to stop the barking. You have your shock collar, your sonic collar, and your Citronella spray collar.

The shock collar sounds quite drastic, but really it is no more than a little tingle, telling the dog that all this barking has got to stop, it is a no-no. Soon it will associate this feeling with barking and learn to pipe down.

Your sonic collar is different in as much as the correction consists of a sound that only the dog can hear. As the dog continues barking so the sound increases in strength. Your dog would have to be totally dumb not to realize that the longer he barked, the louder the sound got until it probably would be a bit uncomfortable.

The Citronella one employs a little container filled with citric smelling liquid, and when the collar detects throat vibrations, meaning the dog was barking, it releases a spray right in front of the dog’s nose. Now dogs do not like this citrus smell so pretty soon, unless he is completely brain dead, he will connect this smell with his barking and stop.


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