Minor must contact Criminal defence lawyer Ottawa to know their rights

Criminal defence lawyer

Law is equal for everyone and everyone must abide to the law completely. And when some crime has been committed, the accused has to face the consequences. This is applicable on everyone, however with certain dissimilarities in terms of its severity and execution. The age of the accused decides the intensity of the punishment and how the accused will be treated. This is because the enforcement of law will be different for a minor as compared to an adult in Ottawa. www.agpllp.ca, a renowned company offers amazing legal solutions.

Minor facing any criminal accusations against them must contact a Criminal defense lawyer Ottawa for further guidance and support. While studying a case against minor the criminal lawyer Ottawa must loo it through different perspective and approach. Not only because they are certified to do so but also because the law of Ottawa expects that out of them. Youth criminal justice act in Canada came to the existence to protect youth from getting mislead. This act is brought in action in three steps.

Blame worthiness: No matter if the crime has been conducted by a minor or by an adult the affect caused will remain unchanged. Thus, like an adult the minor must be held responsible for crime well supported by appropriate evidences. And their age must not be an excuse for them to not being judged less worthy of the blame. Although the severity of the punishment may vary however the criminal record and history will not. Visit Google for more information.

Right to reform: Despite of being held accountable for the crime, minor has a right to reform. And on similar grounds the punishment sentenced is further segregated and some part of it is dedicated to the rehabilitation of the minor. The minor is send to the rehab to overcome their weakness and are taught social values. This not only makes them understand the severity the act bought but also guides them to lead a better life.

Rehabilitate: This can be treated as the step ahead of reformation. Once the minor has successfully completed their rehab and shown the signs of positivity, they encouraged to rehabilitate. This basically is move that allows the minor to live amongst their family and community. And this further helps them to lead a normal life.

There is no denying of the fact that every individual is unique and so are the circumstances they commit a crime. Every criminal especially minors comes from different walks of life, with different background and upbringing. Thus it becomes very important to understand the motive and the situation that forced a minor to commit the crime. Through continuous studies with the help of Criminal defence lawyer Ottawa law eventually pens down their verdict. This verdict eventually talks about the lack of social values and various ways are suggested to inculcate those values in them. Since every crime leaves back a victim and their families affected. Thus empathy for the victim is seeded in the minor, by making them realise the pain and sorrow their act led to.


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