Pastor Chris Oyakhilome launches new TV channel


Most believers know Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as the founder of Christ Embassy which is a church that has followers in many countries. Currently, the church has followers in over fifty countries which mean that there is a great need for the church to come up with a platform they can use to address the large audience. The pastor is known for the exemplary works that he has carried out since the beginning of his ministry. The church has most of its followers in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia. These are the main places where the pastor frequently visits to spread the word of God. However, there are some people in other regions who are also great supporters of the church yet they do not always get a chance to get the direct sermons from the pastor.

The church has been in existence for a long duration. Over that time, it has been able to win many souls and convert many people. These have been made possible by the works of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who can heal people. Many people have recovered from various diseases as a result of visiting the Christ Embassy. Chris Oyakhilome has also made it very easy for people to access motivational books they need. This is because the pastor has written books that have a lot of inspirational message to the audience and other people who might be interested in such information.

Recently, the pastor launched a TV channel in the United States of America. This means that everyone will now have direct access to the sermons and teachings of the pastor. The channel can be accessed by the use of internet or other means that are available for the viewers. The followers of Chris Oyakhilome who felt like they are not part of Christ Embassy just because the pastor never visited their country have a chance to smile. They can now follow the activities carried out by the pastor. There are a lot of inspirational programs that will be live on the channel to enable many people to change their behaviors and adopt a desired living style.

The launched of the TV channel is a big step by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome towards ensuring that the church becomes global and spreads to other parts of the world. The TV station is based in California because it is the central point from where the people can easily get access to the sermons by the pastor. The pastor will also be giving his program on the TV channel which means that the followers will have information on when and where the pastor will be giving his sermons. Everyone always has a wish of attending one of the church gatherings that are organized occasionally by the pastor. The pastor visited Nigeria, and over 3.5 million followers turned up for the sermon, and as an effect, many individuals who attended were converted, and most of them joined the church.

The launch of the TV channel is also expected to reduce the number of crusades organized by the pastor. It is not a very easy process to organize a crusade where millions of people are expected to attend. This is the biggest step that the church has made and it will benefit both the church and the followers.


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