7 Study tips for Class 8 with the Help of NCERT solutions


For class 8, NCERT books and solutions are more than enough, but only if you focus and read them with complete concentration. Because NCERT books and solutions are both prescribed by experts, there is no way a single question from the curriculum would be missed if you study from there. You don’t need an extraordinary brain to do well in your class 8 exams; instead, you’ll need a logical approach and sensible reasoning. All you need is a firm grasp of the fundamentals, a command of equations, and a consistent practice schedule. If you follow these smart techniques advised by the professionals, following solely NCERT books and NCERT solutions for class 8 Science might help you obtain a decent grade in your exams.

1. Understand Your Syllabus

You must know your curriculum or NCERT syllabus before you begin your class 8 exam preparations. Start studying for your exam in a systematic manner once you’ve learned the NCERT syllabus. You must first complete the syllabus in your NCERT book before beginning to solve the exercises. Check out the NCERT solutions for class 8 science to see whether your answer and approach were correct.

2. Become acquainted with the exam format

After you’ve gone through the NCERT solutions for class 8 science and other subjects and past year papers, make a list of the weightings for various areas. It assists you in determining how much time you should devote to each chapter.

3. Set a timetable and a study schedule

Make a study schedule that meets your exam preparation criteria and that you can stick to without fail. If you find a chapter challenging, devote more time to it; if a topic is simple, devote less time to it.

4. Studying with Others

Make a study group with your buddies if at all possible. Explain a chapter to others once you’ve finished it. This will actually aid you in a far better understanding of the entire chapter. Share your knowledge and solicit feedback from your peers!

5. Practice and Revise

Who hasn’t heard the expression, “Practice makes you perfect”? Start revising once you’ve finished your NCERT syllabus. Work through the exercises and compare them to the NCERT solutions for class 8. To get greater confidence before your final test, adjust your schedule and solve each question and exercise at least 3-4 times.

6. Answer questions from previous years

You will know where you need to improve and where you should focus to enhance your score if you practise a lot. Solve a large number of practise tests, sample papers, and previous year’s question papers. Keep an eye on the clock while working on the question sheets to help you manage your time effectively. As you prepare for your class 8 exam, time will become increasingly important.

7. Make Time for Rest

Learning at a rapid pace is not a good habit. It exhausts us, and you may lose interest in the subject as a result. After many hours of study, it’s also tough to understand the material. As a result, you should schedule some other activities. Include a healthy diet in your routine instead of junk food. Rather than watching television or playing video games, engage in frequent physical activity and get enough sleep.


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