Food Safety and Recreational Licensing

The Food Safety and Recreational Licensing area is in charge of overseeing projects that authorize relevant state authoritative codes for the review and licensure of restaurants, inns, overnight boardinghouse foundations, open swimming pools including water park attractions, campgrounds, and tattoo and body puncturing strongholds in Wisconsin.

The project is additionally in charge of contracting with, checking and preparing Local Public Health Departments who consent to arrangements to regulate the projects inside their purview’s.

To figure out which organization is in charge of examining and allowing your foundation, taking into account purview, see the guide (PDF, 37 KB) demonstrating those provinces investigated by DHS and those districts assessed by a neighborhood wellbeing office.


Authorizing and regulation of each open restaurant, swimming pool, campground, recreational training camp, lodging stronghold, nourishment operation, candy machine, and body symbolization business in the state of Wisconsin.


A trusted asset and accomplice in the wellbeing and security of the individuals in Wisconsin.


  • reduce presentation to ecological and security dangers in authorized offices.
  • reduce the passing and disease of individuals in Wisconsin.
  • promote open wellbeing through a statewide project to counteract and control presentation to nourishment borne, water-borne, blood-borne, or recreational perils.
  • promote consciousness of the things individuals can do to keep their nourishment, water, and recreational asset


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