Men’s Rings: Everything You Need To Know

Men’s Rings

From historical times, rings have been worn by men of all ethnicities to accentuate their manliness and to also add a dash of elegance and class to their attire. You may be familiar with the idea of a signet ring which carries a family’s crest on them which are passed down generations. Even with the evolution of the idea of men’s jewelry, rings have always been fashionable for men. 

Most people of today hate a mark of patriarchy and insist on wedding rings as well as engagement rings for men. The so-called “management ring” for an engaged man is not just the only trend that has come up for men’s rings. There are a variety of fashions and trends that exist in different metal set with precious stones and designs. 

Benefits Of Wearing A Ring

Being taken is simply an exquisite feeling and a moment to remember. Having something material to cherish that moment forever is simply mesmerizing. A ring can also be a reminder of another significant moment of your life such as being part of your football team. Here are some added benefits to wearing a ring on your finger. 

A band on your ring finger is an easy way to express the fact that you are taken and very much in love. This can aid during a friendly night out and ward off unwanted attention.

It can add an unarguable air of pride and authority to your attire and appearance. They say that the first impression is the best and nothing can communicate your aura better than a well-worn statement ring. 

You can further personalize a ring by choosing a gemstone that is unique to your personality and taste, and bring out colors as well. 

You can show your love for a particular team or institution by wearing a ring on your pinky finger. 

Another benefit of wearing a ring made in precious metal is that it can give off a wealthy vibe as there is no way to display being well off than by sporting a fistful of bling.

Which Finger Should You Wear Your Ring?

There is no specific rule to follow while choosing a finger on your hand to sport the ring of your choice. Exceptions are engagement and wedding rings which are predominantly worn on the left hand. However, some cultures follow the reverse of the system. There is a lot of symbolism associated with the finger you wear your ring on. 

These are some general concepts that can vary with cultures and regions and hence the ultimate decision always rests in your hands. Jewelry is one of the most symbolic and meaningful accessories you can have. So it is integral that you understand the significance of the jewelry you wear. Here are the meanings associated with each finger.

Little finger: The first choice of a finger for a man to sport a statement ring is the little finger. The main advantage of wearing a ring on the pinky is the freedom from the shackles of religion and culture. Unlike the ring finger which holds specific meanings, rings worn on the little finger is not specific to any cause. The exception is only for signet rings which are family heirlooms mostly worn on the little finger. 

The other advantage is the fact that the little finger is far from the heavily used pointing finger and hence do not interfere with your day to day tasks. 

The fourth finger or the ring finger: It is a well-known custom to associate this finger with eternal bond and commitment via marriage. You can also wear a heavy ring with a precious metal embedded in it on this finger as people will not associate such a ring with commitment as opposed to a simple band. 

This is also the only finger that holds the artery that connects it to the heart directly. Hence is the reason why this finger is strongly associated with life and an eternal bond. A common ring used here is a diamond one which is minimal and classy. As this website shows, these rings are elegant and timeless. What better way than a diamond ring to tell the world about your love and commitment.

The Middle finger: This finger is the boldest and tallest finger on your hand. Rings worn here is however uncommon as it is in close proximity to the index finger and hence can interfere with your day to day usage. So if you wish to wear a ring here, it is best to keep it minimal. 

The thumb: This is a rebellious way of portraying a ring and is common among the younger generation. It is reasonable in terms of function as it does not interfere with any manual tasks and is also a sign of influence and wealth. People also tend to wear an expensive and bulky ring on this finger. 

Types Of Rings

Rings like all forms of jewelry carry a certain meaning and significance to it. While there are no limits to styles on rings, here are a few prominent ones you can wear on your hand. 

Culture and religious rings: Religions that require its believers to wear a ring are rare but they often encourage wearing them for relationships of specific roles. A prime example of this is the Christian wedding ring. These rings are a matter of personal choice and hence can be simple or extravagant according to you. 

Affiliation rings: This piece of jewelry has been used to denote a membership in a family or society throughout history. Examples of these include class rings, fraternity rings, and signet rings. Veterans are also known to occasionally wear rings that signify their branch of service while they were in the navy, air force or marine academy. 

Family rings: Men who wear a ring that bears the crest of their family will consider the ornament to be of utmost importance. It is a family heirloom which is handed down through generations till it reached him. They do not hold a specific design and can be of almost any design and appearance. 

The purpose of this ring is to create a sense of pride to the wearer and to remind him that he belongs to a family of such origin and history. Sometimes such rings are made from a specific rare metal and set with rare stones. 

Art and design rings: This is a rare kind of ring that is worn by men. However, with change in perception of men’s jewelry, this can be said to be true no more. It is a unique accessory and adds a certain sense of boldness to the wearer. The selection in this field is vast as well. 

The biggest advantage of this type of ring is the fact that you have complete freedom of choice as there are no barriers of culture or religion to stop you. 

How To Buy A Ring?

The choice of a ring may ultimately rest with you. It can be confusing and intimidating to choose your perfect ring. Here are a few tips to help you with the selection process. 

Have an idea about what you want, to help you pick the right ring. 

Size: It is necessary to ensure that the ring you choose is neither too tight nor loose as it can be uncomfortable. 

Pick your materials: There can be a variety of choices regarding metals, stones, and designs. It is a great idea to pick your materials before you select the design to make the selection process easier. 

Another integral factor is the price. It is advisable to fix a budget for yourself before you do the actual shopping. Rings are available in a wide variety of price ranges and hence it is best to fix the range to ensure you do not overspend or go above your budget. 


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