Myths of Jewellery

Myths of Jewellery

Jewelry because of its value in terms of money, emotions, and scarcity, there are many myths attached to them. These myths if we carefully notice we can see they started out of fear to protect the one we value. Some times its easy to bring order through fear than a clear explanation. That’s how a human brain work, our care for the valued once is mostly out of the fear of accidentally losing it, and this gives the space for lots of myths to make their way as solid beliefs.  The way when these myths stared and the way we live in the present work are two different extremes. So before believing any form of precautions or safekeeping from aunties or elders in the house (don’t strike them off) before you practice think and weight the possibility of truth in the suggestion.

 I can break

The most common and popular myth I heard around was diamond cannot break, it’s completely baseless, it’s not that they cannot break it’s just they are had to break; they can also crack or break from a direct hit or extreme temperatures. Due to their hard composition, diamonds do last long and hard to scratch.

No biting

I have seen people, biting on gold to see whether its gold or not some experts can even determine the quality of the gold by the bite marks. First of all, that’s totally gross, and if one can determine gold by just biting we wouldn’t need so many certifications to determine its quality. 

Size Matters?

Well in case of diamonds some time it matters but not always.  The bigger the stone, it will weigh more and costs high, but this doesn’t define the price alone. The 4cs of gemstones, clarity, cut, color and carat, these affect the value of the stone. You can find some really big diamonds at a lesser price, that’s because the color and cut are not that great. So, it’s always better to follow the 4cs before purchasing

It’s not just one

Gold comes in different color like white gold, rose gold, green gold etc. but the actual color of gold is the typical yellow that the alloy represents. The rest variations are the outcome of different material mixed to make the gold stronger and to produce different effects. The pure 24k gold is a bright yellow and a softer alloy which can break easily, so its mixed with different alloys to get the desired effect. For example, the simple daily wear earrings gold, gold chain with locket designs , men’s rings etc are mixed to make them wearable and strong; except for the 24k pure gold bars.


The other common jewelry myth that we get to here is, pearls easy dissolve in vinegar, yes they do dissolve in vinegary but not like sugar in water, eventually after some time/days. And another interesting thing about Perl is they change color if touched water excessively, pearls actually come from water.

How we see the knowledge we have and how we use it completely depends on use, either we can foolishly continue what we think is right or can take a moment to analyze, follow if correct or correct if followed wrong. So, just check this myths about the jewelry before buying it for any occasion like webbing ceremony or any other function and celebration.


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