Should You Respect Old Rituals for Weddings?

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The fact that the hours of marriage in ritual homes are extremely fast, perhaps not so well-known among the young grown-ups wedding photographer in toronto. To avoid changing the hours of the entire schedule, many couples choose not to visit the ritual hall on the wedding day, but to make a memorable ritual just before the festive evening. This saves them an extra tour of the ritual home, and also allows guests to be invited directly to the church ritual and then to the ritual outside. So, they judge themselves where to come, and the newlyweds have the freedom to act. In an exemplary wedding scenario in which the reception starts at 18:00, the newlyweds can safely plan an excerpted ritual at 5:00 pm. in the garden of the restaurant, for example, and a church ritual at 4:00 pm. This way there is no unnecessary wait and the guests have to move only from the church to the restaurant. The newly-married couple can set their own wedding day and do not have to adapt to traffic, waiting and hurry.

For all of you who are still wondering if you can make a church marriage before a civil marriage, the answer is YES, you can! However, in the situation where the newlyweds have chosen to have an out-of-the-way ritual, they make a legitimate civil marriage on a single day, and during the wedding day they can only appoint the church marriage.

One of the good places to organize a ritual outside the ritual house is that you can create a much more relaxing atmosphere in the garden of the restaurant where your guests can enjoy a glass of champagne and prepare for the wedding ceremony. It has already become very fashionable to organize the so-called Welcome Drink to meet the guests, which is organized half an hour before the exported ritual, so that people can enjoy a refreshing drink while waiting for the newlyweds. This is also an ideal moment for organizing a musical program with a symphony orchestra that contributes to the romantic and festive atmosphere of the wedding ceremony.

One of the rituals most often missed by the newlyweds during the wedding is the tour around the tables, during which they accept their congratulations and gifts from the guests. That’s why young couples often choose an option where congratulations and presents are offered after the ritual outside the official opening of the wedding in the restaurant.

Recently, there is also a common practice of taking pictures with guests because it does not waste any time and accepting greetings from the newlyweds is combined with photos that make it easy for the whole logistics and organization of the wedding day.

– You have more freedom of action

In cases where the newlyweds choose to trust the excerpted ritual of their acquaintance, actor or professional wedding presenter, they have the opportunity to personalize the whole program and have a truly memorable ritual with individual scenarios. The choice of place and the sound of the exported ritual is also in your hands. You choose your own day and that gives you much more peace, which is very valuable to you.
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