The Most Annoying Things People Do When Driving

Annoying Things People Do When Driving

Driving is always a great experience. If you have the opportunity to own your own vehicle, it brings a great deal of convenience when it comes to how you move from one place to another. However, there are certain instances, and driving is not fun simply because of the things that people do while they are behind the wheels. Some of these things are potentially dangerous and since you are educated motorist, you have no reason to be doing them. In this article, we focus on some of the most annoying things people do and driving and why you need to stop doing them. 

Talking on a cell phone

Talking on a cell phone while driving

Talking on the cell phone is a habit that so many motorists have. Unfortunately, this is not just an annoying habit but also a potentially dangerous one. It comes with the possibility of distracting you from the road and in just a split second, things can go from bad to worse. It is through talking in the phone that people end up getting a lot of accidents in the road. What you need to know is that whatever it is you need to attend to on the phone is not as important as your life, which is always at risk when you are driving. Therefore, if you are one of the guys who must attend to every notification that comes through their cell phones while driving, then know that this is a habit you must immediately. Don’t gamble with your life like people gamble with their money in a casino site by talking on your cellphone while driving. 

Not giving way

Driving - Not giving way

Some drivers normally think that they have the divine right of way and that whoever replaced they give way signs must have been out of their minds. This goes against the best practices of driving. As a good driver, you must learn to give way when you are supposed to give way. Those who normally don’t give way usually end up in some bad accidents that could have been avoided if they had been a little more patient. If you are in a hurry, just remember that your destination is not running away but you can get an accident that can end your life. Therefore, learn to give away and become a patient driver downloads.

Middle lane hogging


If you want to go fast then you should not keep on the middle lanes unless you’re in a highway. Those that are driving in the middle lanes are either not familiar with the route and they want to slow down to stop or figure out where they are going.  It’s normally very annoying for someone to hog at you when you are in the middle lane. This is because there is space both on the left and the right where they can easily overtake. Don’t hog when the midland. Just get to the left of the lane on the right go your way without bothering anyone. 

Excessive breaking

How many times have you been forced to step on the emergency brake because the driver ahead of you is breaking every now and then? Excessive breaking is not only annoying, but it’s running the driving experience of other road users. While driving, you should always have that the people behind you and you need to move your very consistent speed. Don’t break when there’s no reason to break. As a motorist, you should aid the smooth flow of traffic by maintaining a consistent speed and not putting your foot at the brake pedal all the time. 

Driving slow in the fast lane

Driving slow - fast lane

There is a reason why highways have both slow and fast lanes. In simple terms, if you want to drive fast you to go to the first lanes, and if you want to drive slowly you go to the slow lanes. However, it is so disgusting to see people driving slowly on the fast lane. It’s not just annoying but it’s also coming in the way for drivers who wanted to go too fast. If you want to drive fast stick to the first lane and if you do want to drive slowly keep to the slow lines. Don’t come into the fast lanes when you want to drive slowly. You will be wasting other people’s time. 

People who won’t let you merge

When coming off from the service lanes, you will always trust the mercies of those in the highway to let you merge smoothly into the flowing traffic. However, there is a group of drivers who are particularly mean and will not let you get in and join the highway. It’s not fair being mean to fellow drivers. If someone is joining the highway, you should make it easy for them to join smoothly. Remember, when you’re denying them the chance to merge, your potentially risking your life and that over the motorist. Besides, it will not take a whole day to let them join the main highway.

Turning without signaling

If you are fond of turning without signaling, then know that you’re one of the most dangerous drivers in the world. There is a reason why every vehicle is fitted with indicators and why you need to use them each and every time you need to turn. When you don’t signal, you are risking your life as well as the life of the vehicles in front and behind you. It so easy to crush or to have someone crash into your car when you turn suddenly without letting your intentions to turn known. Be a good driver and communicate your intentions to other drivers by signaling appropriately. 

Getting annoyed for no reason

There is no justification to get annoyed when driving. As a driver, you must be sober at all times and expect anything while you are on the road. There is a group of people who get annoyed at the slightest provocation. If you are this kind of driver then know that you are ruining your driving experience and also know that road rage has no benefits at all. A simple thing doesn’t have to be escalated. Sometimes it’s good to say you are sorry and slowly drive away. In that way, you can avoid getting into confrontations that might end up being costly and dangerous.


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