7 ways to beat dry skin in cold weather


Winter is the best time to enjoy yourself on the snow, with family as well having a chat around the fire with your grandparents. However, not everything that comes with this weather is rosy. Winter can cause severe damage to your skin. It is linked to its effect on the skin. It leaves the skin very dry. It is attributed to the loss of moisture from the surface of the skin. It can leave cracks on the lips as well as wrinkles. However, you need not worry as the following tips will leave your skin radiant so that you can enjoy winter without worrying what will happen to your skin. You can check the skin brighteners, lifestyle news today, best sunscreen.

Moisturize frequently

It is important during the winter season to regularly moisturize your skin. It will leave your skin glowing. It should be moisturized during the day, morning and in the night. In cases where your skin is usually dry, you can use moisturizers that are based as cream. For sensitive skin, you can use moisturizers that lack fragrances. They should also lack lanolin. These will help in preventing the breakouts as well as the irritation that sensitive skin is prone to. You should not let the cold continue to drain your body of the necessary moisture. Frequent hydration will help you out. You should also realize that during the cold winters, some UV radiation from the sun penetrates to the earth. These usually increase the loss of moisture from our skin. Thus, there is more reason to continue hydrating your body with the necessary moisturizers. Use of sunscreens is needed to prevent the skin from losing moisture. You can check the skin brighteners, lifestyle news today, best sunscreen. They will offer additional insight.

Have short showers

It is important as you take showers during winter to ensure that they are very brief. You can restrict them to less than ten minutes. The water should be warm. You should avoid very hot water as it can remove the natural oils from your skin. These are important to moisturize your skin. After ,taking bath use best sunscreen, which also help to keep your skin moist.

Go for cleansers that are mild

Soaps with fragrance are not the best with dry skin. They can cause more harm to the skin. The antibacterial soaps are also not good for dry skin. It is linked in their effect to rob the body of the natural essential oils. The oils assist in ensuring that your skin is adequately moisturized. You should ensure that your skin is moisturized using cleansers. These should be gentle. They should also not have fragrance.

Use humidifiers

These can help in experiencing moisturized skin. They help by injecting the surrounding moisture with the necessary air. It prevents the skin from experiencing dryness that causes wrinkles on the face as well as the dry skin. Having the humidifier set at 50 percent is important. Always remember to switch the water in the humidifier out. It should be on a day to day basis.

Leave nothing to chance

It is important during winter to ensure that your feet, as well as your hands, are not prone to the dryness. Keep them moisturized before hitting the bed. Ensure that as you tuck yourself in between the sheet your hands are covered. Ensure that your legs are in cotton socks as well as your hands. These will help in reducing the loss of moisture from your skin. It will result in a glowing skin. It is key to check the skin brightener and best sunscreen.

Eat fats

Fats can help keep the skin from the persistent dryness during winter. It can also assist in preventing the resulting itchiness. Omega 3 fats can help the skin prevent the loss of moisture. It is linked to their ability to act as barriers of oil. Feeding your body during winter with these essential fats is important. These can be found in fish, sardines, tuna as well as walnuts

Consult a doctor

In cases where the effects of the cold weather on your skin are extreme, you can get the advice of a dermatologist. They can advise you on the methods that you can use to reduce the effects. They can also help in getting the right medicines as they understand your skin well.


We are all aware of the patterns of the four seasons. Most times we are aware what the next season will bring at our doors. It is important then to prepare adequately for seasons such as winter that may lead to issues with our skin. These can help in reducing the effects when the season is here. You do not have to fear winters now, and you can help in ensuring that your skin does not prevent you from enjoying the fun that winter brings.

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