Mercedes-Benz inaugurate local production of CLA

Mercedes-Benz inaugurate local production of CLA

Mercedes-Benz will start local production of the CLA ahead of the festive season to meet demand and to help address the wait list of products over business sectors.

Mercedes-Benz is by regional standards creating both the petrol and diesel variations of the CLA in the meantime to address request.

“The CLA with its shocking outline, technological innovations and numerous section first qualities, is as of now a triumphant product in our portfolio. It has been quickly securing new clients to the brand and imitating its worldwide success in India also. We are extremely satisfied that fulfilled by our CLA system, which has contributed majorly to our New Generation Cars development and reclassified the segment completelyely.

We are confident that the local production will make the CLA considerably more appealing for the perceiving buyers with extra value propositions and expanded commented.” remarked Eberhard Kern.

Mercedes Benz India also started the production of the GLA 200 Sport petrol variant alongside the CLA. The GLA 200 CDI is already under product from Mercedes Benz’s new production facility since June 2015. The customers can now avail the locally produced range of the GLA involving both the petrol and diesel variant.

The production of the CLA and the GLA includes utilization of technologically advanced synchronized conveyors systems, utilization of the latest recent era of PLC control units for all the hardware which furnish flexibility with diverse models on normal production lines.

Beyond the Mercedes Benz plant in India, this system contains further locations in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and will be joined by Brazil in 2016 where new assembly plant is currently under development.








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