Mann ki Baat: PM Modi praises ‘Voter-friendly’ EC

Man Ki Baat PM Modi

During his Mann Ki Baat address, PM Modi emphasized that it was essential for everyone to enlist as voters and “definitely” exercise franchise. Two days after it cleared — with riders — the airing of the radio program-me “Mann Ki Baat”, the Election Commission on Sunday discovered a conspicuous notice in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s month to month telecast. The Prime Minister said the poll panel had developed from a “regulator” to a “facilitator” and praised it for increase in voter turnouts.

During the 30-moment program, he recalled that in May he had met some family members of Subhash Chandra Bose during a visit to Kolkata.

“I got an opportunity to invest some time with them. That day it was decided that the extended family of Subhash babu will visit the Prime Minister’s residence. Last week, I got confirmation that over 50 members of Subhash babu are coming to visit the Prime Minister’s residence,” Modi said.

Modi’s comments were in response to an audio message from one Bhargavi Kanade, who asked for him to build awareness about voter enrollment. “But only the Election Commission working on this would not suffice. We need to have an atmosphere of awareness in schools, colleges and neighborhoods. It should not be so that this awareness comes only when elections come,” Modi said.

Depicting it as a groundbreaking event for him, Modi said the relatives of Netaji, perhaps for the first time would be together visiting the prime Minister’s residence. “I”But the bigger happiness is for me as nobody in the Prime Minister’s residence would have got such a chance earlier as I will be getting in October.”

Modi said that the voters’ list should be constantly redesigned and subjects should keep an eye on that . “I must significant right… whether my privileges or right is secure or not… whether I am utilizing or not utilizing that right… we nee to develop this propensity,” he said.

He said that he trusted the country’s youth, who still have not selected as voters, will do as such and vote in future. He said that as many as 55,000 calls had been gotten after he requested that peoples to phone-in with their suggestions.


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