Rahul Gandhi meets protesting FTII students

rahul_gandhi_ meets __ FTII

In a very filmic terms, the Rahul Gandhi’s appearance at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) to show solidarity with the striking student, who are restricting the arrangement of Gajendra Chauhan as their director, would be the circular segment of the plot.

While the opposition kept on making hubbub over Lalit door and different issues in Parliament, Congress VP Rahul Gandhi on Friday went by the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) in the midst of progressing challenges against arrangement of Gajendra Chauhan as chairperson.

During an interaction with the dissenting student, the Congress pioneer blamed the BJP for advancing average quality by individuals like Gajendra Chauhan as the executive. He went ahead to say that there is expanded impedance in all educational institutions, including that the administration is “deliberately advancing RSS philosophy”.

“Their ideology is promoting mediocrity. We are watching them in Parliament and there is no say in the party. It is not like the Congress where people can voice their concerns,” said Rahul.

“BJP is one-man party. If PM Modi chose Gajendra Chauhan, no one in the party will ever say no even if they don’t agree on his appointment,” he added.

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