Whether Uber has failed in the case of the traditional taxi drivers in London?


Uber is a multinational transportation network where the people have a happy journey. This service is achieved through the mobile application which is accessible through online. It has so many advanced techniques with respect to the people’s requirements. With the support of internet connection, we can perform or receive any information for the desired task. The projects towards the transportation are achieved by the drivers who are all working in the transportation service.

Drivers are working for the transportation service as a part of the organization which is executing the projects. Uber transportation service is spread around the world which includes 47 countries. For the easiest transportation service and for the efficient communication process, the drivers should know world’s common language of English. This is the only language what the every people can have an ability to understand the world.

While hiring the drivers, there is selection process of English language test or communication test. This may not be possible that the skilled driver has fluent communication knowledge. At the same time, the person who is very good in communication may not be that much-skilled one in driving. Let we can have a detailed explanation about it and about the information that how the communication is interconnecting the people together.

The language is an only medium by which the people can share the information each other. A common language will be very helpful when we are talking with strange people in different places. It could be very useful to access a certain application and maintains some projects. The Uber transportation service is available at anywhere and anytime in our world. For that purpose, the driver should know the English language properly to communicate with the commuters.

Uber took some decision against it and made a court case to avoid the English test for the drivers to check their fluency. In the current scenario, every people know the language of English and everywhere this language is dominating the world. The Uber transportation service is efficiently performing well through online with the support of a mobile application.

This examination can be executed at an international level and there will be a filtration of 40 percent drivers who are all working there. The driver should know about the every detail of the shortcut to reach the destination. There are so many indispensable features are available to follow and we have to know the every detail about that. This issue can be legally rectified by the government rule and finally, it has lost its originality in the service.

The ride-hailing application is accessible by the number of people who are all interconnecting with it through the mobile application. Most of the people are educated and there are some uneducated people also accessing this service through online. It will lead to the efficient journey and this process is achieved with the help of some advanced features and specifications.

In the day to day life, the people are always looking for the easiest way to perform a certain task with the help of online. Communication and Language maintenance is the main thing to understand the mindset and information. According to the recent survey, there is 72 percent of people are accessing this transportation service throughout the world. The Uber vehicle will be attached to the Google map to reach the destination and to access that, the driver should have some basic communication knowledge.

The transportation service of Uber is initially started up in the United States of America. After that, it has been developed or introduced in the country of Australia and San Francisco. The communication test processes to the drivers are achieved in London where the transportation is high in the city. This service has so many security and privacy settings in the accessing sector. We have to know the each and every detail about it in the online network.

English proficiency requirement is an important thing where the people can enhance their skills through it. Transport for London (TFL) organization is conducting the examination for the Uber drivers who are all working in London. In the year of 2016, there is 40 percent of people are selected and passed in this language test examination. The Uber transportation service can’t accept this method to select the drivers for the transporting organization.

Eventhough the Uber, transporting organization is developing its features the language is the main thing to have. The Uber’s court case is recently got a failure and that it is predominantly occupying its standard. TFL director of statement is directed as a statement that the Uber transportation service is consistently hiring the people according to the communication test. Initially, this process is executed in London and after that, this service is spread around the world. For a skilled driver spoken English is enough to understand and communicate with the other people.

In our world, there are 70 thousand of applications are received by the government for the language requirement. If the driver knows the efficient communication, there will be no more quarrel between the drivers and passengers. The judgment of high court ensures the complete policies and took the decision in the favor for language. Because of the language problem, the London’s Uber transportation drivers are struggling from the last 20 years.

This service is directly connected with the UK based call center to share the information instantly. There is no problem for the minicab drivers who are all working in the London’s transportation service. The reason is that their functional area is in the local sector which has a shorter distance. After the written English test, there will be a simple process of private hiring of the drivers. The transportation tripping levels in London nearly becomes 61,200 in the year of 2010.

Dramatically it changes a lot with respect to its performance and specifications. Totally 30 thousand drivers are working in the Uber transportation service which is available in London. To the language tests for drivers, totally 40 thousand people have joined and got benefit through it. In that 45 percent of people are normally getting failed in the examination even they are very skilled in driving. Eventually, we have to know that the blocking of English language test on Uber is lost by the high court.

The governments have established the rule that the driver should be good at English to understand the other’s information.  It has certain rules and regulations to follow and by those, we can get an efficient journey. The English written exam includes the 120 words essay test and basic vocabulary skills. In the forthcoming generation, the hiring process of a driver will be changed slightly according to the advanced technology.

If the people are accessing the transportation service with the best communication, they can improve their fluency and enhance their knowledge too. In our modern world, every people are changing as an educated one and they are having a proper knowledge about that how can we access the mobile app. The driver should have an ability to access their license and other privacy materials too. Comparing to the ancient days, it is getting better now and we have to use this transportation service efficiently.


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