3 Expert Tips to Sell Your Fresno House Fast

Sell Your Fresno House Fast

If you have a home in Fresno that you’ve been trying to sell but have had no success, or if you’ve come upon a life situation that requires you to liquidate a property as soon as possible, here are three tips from real estate experts that will help you find qualified home buyers and sell your home quickly so that you can move on with your life.

Market your home on the right platforms

If you’re looking for a quick sale and want to do it without using the services of a real estate agent, simply listing your home online is not enough. Place an ‘on sale’ sign outside your home and also send the online listing to friends, family and colleagues. Sharing the listing on your social media accounts is another great way to let people know you’re selling.

Photos are a great way to spark interest in a property you’re trying to sell. When it comes to shortlisting a home from scores of listings online, first impressions are everything to potential home buyers. Gorgeous and professionally done photos of your home greatly increase buyers’ interest in your property—they are intrigued to find more about a home that looks beautiful and well maintained. However, before you hire a professional photographer for the job, ensure that your home is at its best aesthetically. An unkempt home has little chance to look great in photos.

Choose your real estate agency with care

Each neighborhood has more than one real estate agent who has the experience and expertise to sell houses in the area. Don’t hire an agent simply because they were recommended by a friend or relative; read about them online and check their track record to determine if they’d be able to help you sell your house fast and also get you a good price. Also, when valuing your home with the agent, don’t forget to take into account repair and renovation costs, the agent’s commission, and any closing fees.

Simply your life and sell to a wholesale home buying company

You can do away with all of the above tasks if you choose the unconventional route to home selling. Home buying companies are professional cash buyers who are willing to purchase your home as is—that is, regardless of its age or condition. This means that you don’t have to bother with listing your home, carrying out expensive repair work or maintaining it while waiting for a perfect offer to come your way. Moreover, you will save thousands of dollars in agent commissions and fees.

How this works: the buyer will visit your home, make you a no-obligation cash offer, and if you like the offer, they will close the deal in less than a week. Cash buyers such as Fresno-based Strategic REI purchase several homes each year, so they have the means and resources to pass on benefits of large-scale operations to home sellers. Therefore, you will not only get a good price but may also receive a discount on closing fees and charges.


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