Why is male infertility so common and what should we know about it?

male infertility

Fertility is the definition of mankind. Fertility health is very important for the growth and development of mankind. But right now there are a lot of speculations reportedly saying that we are facing a threat to mankind. There is a yes and also a no to this question. There are two things which we will separately discuss here. One is the way how our lifestyle has changed. Male infertility has become predominant due to the kind of lifestyle we are exposed to. There is a threat to most of us because of this.

To start with, infertility is not a disease by itself. It is a condition because of which we lose the ability to enter parenthood. Infertility can cause a delay and will also cause a permanent inability to conceive a child. Most of us do not understand infertility at all. In India, we are used to blaming the female for delay or inability to get conceived. We should always remember that male infertility is very common and in 70% of cases, the reason is male infertility. Treatment for male infertility is widely available. Male infertility is sometimes reversible depending on his fertility health. So how do we define a fertility health?

Visit a fertility center in Chennai or any other city which you belong to will help you get the required tests done. The common test for checking male fertility health is semen analysis. Semen will be collected in a small test device and will be sent to the lab for testing. In the lab, they will analyze the sperm health and count. More the sperms, better the health. Sperm mobility is also very important for a healthy male.

So once this test result is out, your fertility doctor will schedule a session with you. This will help in analyzing the chances of becoming a parent. Most common reasons for male infertility is the lack of sperm count and then in some cases the sperm length and mobility.

Smoking and drinking are way worse than we think. It is not just the advertised side effects but also it will also cause other auxiliary effects and infertility is one among them. IVF treatment is so evolved that it serves as a boon to childless couples.


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