Health Insurance in India – Are you Underinsured?

Health Insurance in India

India is a developing country, and with its increasing populations and impressive rate of urbanization, it is running out of natural resources. Overly crowded streets and rise in the number personal vehicles are taking a toll on the environment. The population is on the increase in the metropolis, which is why it is imperative to take care of our health. Washing hands regularly, wearing masks, cleaning the streets can only delay the advent of diseases in our lives. But, they can’t stop them ultimately. Sooner or later, you are going to face health problems, and if you don’t take corrective measures at an early stage, then you are taking yourself for granted.

A health insurance policy, also known as mediclaim in India, comes as a saviour to cover your expenses up to a great extent and help you retain the peace of mind. Health insurance plans support you financially in case of medical crisis. 

Nothing makes you happy when you are unwell. External factors such as stress at work, hectic lifestyle, deteriorating environment, etc., contribute to ill health. According to current statistics, there are 45 million patients of coronary artery disease, 50.8 million diabetics, the frequency of hypertension is 25-30% in urban and 10-15% in rural regions in India. It is therefore quite essential to make arrangements that can pay attention to the medical emergencies for you & your family.

Medical emergencies can give shivers to an average middle-class person. Taking the increasing inflation in consideration, the treatment of even primary diseases are becoming out of reach. Fortunately, we have reached a higher level of technology and science where almost every disease is curable. However, any medical treatment can leave a hollow in your pocket. We often get attentive when we meet with such unexpected circumstances. 

There are several critical illnesses like strokes, cancer, heart disease, kidney failures, etc. that needs immediate attention. We feel these diseases can’t reach us until and unless these deadly diseases attack our near and dear ones or relatives. However, the most haunting part about critical illnesses is that the recovery takes a lot of time and money. All these can be managed if you and your family members are precisely covered with a comprehensive health plan with essential add-on covers. In its absence, we inevitably can invite several other additional psychological ailments.

So what should you do to ensure that you and your family are not under-insured? First of all, you should realize that time is changing drastically, and the medical procedures have become exponentially expensive. Hence, it is better to be prepared for any eventuality. If you want to figure out the right amount of health cover, then you should consider the age and gender of your family members and the city that you are currently residing in. You should also check the amount of health cover once every three years and revise it if the number of family members changes. Also, in addition to the coverage provided by your employer, you should buy top-up covers which are cheaper than the general medical insurance policies and increase the amount of coverage.


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