Tips to Find the Best Lipstick Colors for Every Skin Tone

Best Lipstick Colors

It is no secret that whenever you go to a retailer to buy a shade of lipstick, you constantly find yourself contemplating ‘Which shade of lipstick will suit me the best?’ or ‘Which shade of lipstick should I wear?’ There is nothing to worry about because every woman who has gone to buy lipstick has faced such indecision problems. And why not? There are so many lipstick consistencies, undertones, finishes, and options that we need to consider before buying that perfect shade for ourselves. Here we have listed some factors that will help you choose the perfect lip shade for you from the best lipstick brand in India, keeping your skin tone in mind.


Undertones are an essential factor when you are buying lipstick. People with cool undertones generally have fairer skin. At the same time, those who have a warm undertone have an olive hue or a golden tinge to their skin. If you are facing a problem in understanding your undertone, it could be that you are a mix of both warm and cool undertones, i.e. you could be neutral. 

Cool Undertone

If you have a cool undertone, it means you have a pink, reddish or bluish tone to your skin. You can tell you have a cool undertone if silver pieces of jewellery complement your skin or the veins in your wrist look blue. The ones with the cool undertone can choose purple or blue shaded undertones. Please do not confuse it with actual purple or blue shaded lipstick. It means that if you are choosing a red lipstick from either of the best lipstick brands in India, then go for the one that has a deep bluish-red tinge to it (for example, cherry red) than the ones that lean more towards orange. If you want to go for a nude lip look, you can go with rosy pink or beige colour for a subtle look.

Warm Undertone

If you have a warm undertone, the best lip colours for you will be the ones in warm shades. When I say warm shades, I mean colours like bold orange, terracotta brown, brick reds from the best lipstick brand in India. If you are going for a nude shade, then go for a colour that corresponds to your skin tone with the lipstick shade. 

Neutral Undertone

If you have a neutral undertone, you have a mix of pink and yellow in the pace of growth on the skin. The ones with a neutral undertone look good in both gold and silver jewellery. Neutral undertones luckily have a broad spectrum of colours to choose from. If you have fair skin, you can select shades like pink hues, medium skin, go for mauve shades, and have deep skin choose berry colours.

It is essential to understand that skin tone and undertone are two different things. Skin tone means the depth of your skin, i.e. (fair, medium, dark, deep). It can vary according to every season. Like your skin can be fair during the cooler months and deeper during the warmer months of the Year. Undertones, on the other hand, reflect the base of your skin. It means that the common thought about fair skin not being warm or deep skin not being cool is just a misconception. Choose your lipstick according to your undertones from the best lipstick brand in India.


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