Mother Sparsh Water Wipes: How it is good for newborn’s health

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

The nom-nom skin of the newborns needs extra special care from the mothers. Cleansing the skin after a poop business or during bathing them is a tough job to achieve for the new parents. You have to be extra careful while wiping the soft skin of the baby. In fact, you cannot use the normal wipes or soft towels made for the adults. This is where the water wipes come into the picture. Probably, this is the best and safest way to cleanse a baby’s skin and remove dirt or dead cells. The most renowned brand trusted by more than 100,000 mothers from all over the country is Mother Sparsh Water Wipes.

About Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

The water wipes are a must have in the infirmary when you become a parent. The babies will need them all the time. It can be used or any purpose in order to maintain extreme hygiene and safety. The soft skin of the babies will not be able to handle the roughness of normal towels. This is where the softest water wipes fit well. Currently, the best and most trustworthy product running in the market is Mother Sparsh Water Wipes. As mentioned earlier, it has been used and trusted by over 100,000 mothers across the country. The presence of water wipes from this brand has made parenting quite easier and convenient.

The product is made of 98% pure water. The water used to make this wipes are safest for the baby skin. It is free from heavy metals, pathogens and other harmful agents one can think of. The water-based wipes are fabricated using a 100% natural plant-based fabric. The softest fabric can retain water for a long time. It also offers the smoothest and softest surface to clean the baby skin. The brand is also very responsible towards the safety of our environment. It has used 100% organic fabric for a whole different reason. Every year, more than 7.6 billion pounds of waste is accumulated on planet earth. To reduce the garbage deposition as much as possible, the brand has come up with a 100% recyclable material that will be easily digested by the microbes. The biodegradable product will not harm our environment like the other water wipes do.

Best features of the products to ponder

From the beginning

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes can be used directly from the very beginning. It can be safely used on a newborn child from the first day.

100% safe and biodegradable cotton fabric

Safest and softest fabric for the newborn babies you can avail.

pH balance

The wipes also moisturize the baby skin by using Aloe Vera extracts and Vitamin E. It also balances the pH of the skin to avoid rashes and bacterial growth.

Approved by pediatricians and medical experts

The diaper rashes will be gone for good. This brand is trusted and approved by the leading pediatricians in the country. It has got ample accreditation from the medical authorities.


Make parenting easier and tackle diaper rash with the best Mother Sparsh Water Wipes for your baby.


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