A Comprehensive Guide To Buying & Selling Gold


Gold has always been the foundation of the global financial system, indeed, it is only recently that governments were allowed to print more money than the value of gold reserves they possessed. Most small investors have some gold, either in ingot or bar form, as this precious metal offers a hedge against inflation. If you are looking to add gold to your portfolio, there are online gold bullion dealers.

Established Bullion Dealers

Private investors seek the help of gold dealers when they wish to acquire or sell gold. Gold dealers offer the best prices and you can be sure of the quality and purity. You should make sure that the bullion dealer is totally independent, which means all your transactions will remain confidential and the dealer will not give out any information regarding their clients.

Storing your Gold

Assuming that you are going to take physical possession of your newly acquired gold, you will need a very secure place for storage. Some investors have a concealed floor safe installed in their bedroom, which is very secure, while others rent a small safety deposit box at their local bank; it is not advisable that you hide the gold under your bed or in your underwear drawer. Burying the gold also involves risks; if you were to pass away and had told no one of the gold’s existence, the commodity would be lost forever.

Avoid Sending Gold In Pre-Paid Envelopes

There are online organisations that offer good prices, instructing you to send your gold to them in the pre-paid envelope provided, yet this is not a good idea. There have been reports of the customer receiving nothing for their gold and while not all of the organisations are looking to rip you off, some are most certainly not legitimate. Others have reported that they were paid the rate for inferior purity; paid the 9k rate for 18k gold, which is why you should only deal with a registered bullion dealer, one that has offices in major Australian cities, for example. You can go to the Australian government website on information about importing precious metals, which is worth a read. If you are not located in the Land Down Under, you can also look for registered bullion dealers in your country.

Online Trading: Safe and Anonymous

If you buy or sell gold to an established, independent gold bullion dealer, all transactions are secure and the bullion dealer would never break the client confidentiality that exists between them and the customer. One reason to use such a company is they offer the best deals and with secure online transactions, you can buy or sell at any time, day or night.

If you have a lot of old jewellery that you never wear, search online for the nearest gold bullion dealer, who would offer the best scrap gold prices. Visiting the website of gold bullion Adelaide dealer City Gold Bullion is also a good idea. Make an appointment to visit their offices and you will be paid in cash and if you’re in no hurry, check spot prices daily and choose your time to sell.

If you are looking to acquire gold as an investment, forge a relationship with a reputable bold bullion dealer. They can handle all of your transactions and you will get the best deals.



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