Know more about Dementia: A Memory Loss Disease

dementia- Brain Diseases

Dementia, otherwise called senility, is a broad classification of brain diseases that cause a long term and often gradual decrease in the ability to think and recollect the memory, such that a routine working gets influenced.

Simply, if your doctor lets you know that you or your loved one has dementia, it means he’s got brain diseases that cause issues with thinking and memory.

A study by the Institute of Public Health at Cambridge University discovered the rate of British individuals aged over 65 with dementia in 2011 was one-fifth lower than what it was relied upon to be.

In 1991, it was anticipated that 8% of retired people would have dementia in 2011. Actually, around 6% of more than 65s had the sickness.

Stages of Dementia:

  1. No Cognitive Decline


In this stage the individual capacities ordinarily, has no memory loss, and is mentally healthy Individuals with NO dementia would be thought to be in Stage 1.

  1. Very Mild Cognitive Decline:

This stage is refers to depict typical losses of memory connected with aging; for instance, Loss of Memory of names and where recognizable items were left from the memory.

  1. Mild Cognitive Decline:

This stage refers to increase in memory loss, slight troubling in concentrating, diminished work performance. Individuals may get lost all the more frequently or having issues in finding the right words.

  1. Moderate Cognitive Decline:

This stage includes difficulty concentrating, decreased memory of recent events, and difficulties managing finances or traveling alone to new locations. People have trouble completing complex tasks efficiently or accurately and may be in denial about their symptoms. Average Duration: 2 Years

  1. Moderately Severe Cognitive Decline:

People in this stage have major memory deficiencies and need some assistance to complete their daily activities (dressing, bathing, preparing meals). Average Duration: 1.5 Years.

  1. Severe Cognitive Decline (Middle Dementia):

Peoples in Stage 6 require broad help to do day by day exercises. They begin to forget names of close relatives and have little memory of recent occasions. They likewise have issues with counting down from 10 and finishing tasks. Average Duration: 2.5 years.

  1. Very Severe Cognitive Decline (Late Dementia):

People in this stage have essentially no ability to speak or communicate. They require assistance with most activities (e.g., using the toilet, eating). Average Duration: 2.5 years.




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