Audi A4 2016 – Spacious and Feature Loaded

Audi A4 2016

The Audi A4 might just look impressive from the front. However, in reality, it is not. Just like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the new A4 is larger in dimension. One major addition to the fascia is the newly designed headlamps. The side profile retains the old look. The tail lamps too get slenderer as you move to the center. You can see the increased length if you see it in person. The design feels more premium and upmarket. The LED lamps add to the style, making the car look more aggressive.

In spite of the increased length, the A4 is lighter than before. The ultra-light alloys used on this sedan have reduced the flab. The increase in length can be better realized when you see the car from close. From a distance, you can’t understand the length of this car. So, don’t judge the sedan from mere appearance. Moreover, the sleek tail lamps enhance its curb appeal.

Audi A4 Interior:

The new Q7 was admired for interiors. The same design has been retained in the A4 as well. The air-con vents run from the center console to the co-driver’s door. The elegant A4 comes standard with a large screen above with a simple AC controls underneath it. It also includes a gear knob too, just like the Q7. The cabin looks plush and offers enough space. Then it also includes an MMI system with its bells and whistles. As per quality, the new edition is much in line with other Audi products, notes Audi Greensboro NC experts.

As for the space, there was no issue with the front row. It has always offered good knee room and head room, allowing the tall passengers to sit comfortably. However, coming with an increased length, the new sedan offers much space at the back too. Though the space at the back is not just good yet the seats are highly supportive. They feel hard and have got a good recline, making it relaxing and cool for long drive. The rear seat accommodates only two people. This is something that you can find in Mercedes-Benz. The boot space is much larger than the previous one.

Audi A4 Engine:

In the primary state, the A4 comes standard with a1.4 litre petrol engine. This engine will generate150 bhp of power by and large and will be propped with a seven-speed DSG. The A3 comes standard with a 1.8-litre despite a smaller body. However, with the reduction of weight by about 95 kilograms, this much power is enough. The smaller engine does not affect the performance that much. Also, now the new sedan comes with a DSG instead of CVT. This also makes up way for it.

Ride and Handling:

Audi had never compromised on ride and handling. With the new platform, things have become more attractive. The ride has remained more or less the same. The longer wheelbase has softened the suspension. The handling is great. The steering wheel feels crisp and has good feedback. The alacrity of the chassis is much in line with the new Audis.

Overal,l the car looks great. However, you can call the local Audi repair Greensboro NC service providers for major and minor repair and servicing.


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