16 New Latest Technology in Website Development 2015

Website Development Brisbane New technology

With coming era of development, website development changes a lot from its language dependency to its core structure. With latest tools and technology the web industry is booming like never before, the developers are keening to develop much better and suited platforms for the users to work around easily and comfortably.

This technology will give new developer a good path to develop better application with easy code, developers are the people who learn new and innovative every day, these technology will help you a lot in making something better for users.

Website Development Brisbane will share you the best technology of 2015, that can jack up your developing path, these technology are not limited to the programming language but it will outreach the field of Website Development and Design.

Here are the 16 New Latest Technology in Website Development 2015:

1) CSS3 Media Queries

2) Advanced JavaScript with Node.js and Angular.js

3) New JavaScript Features

4) Internet of Things

5) Motion User Interface

6) Outburst of Responsive Design and SVG

7) Single Page Application

8) Cross Platform Application

9) HTML Drag and Drop

10) Cache page for Offline Usage

11) App Style Interface

12) Ambient Background Video

13) Website as Mobile Application

14) Craziness of Animation : Flash you are gone

15) Parallax Scrolling

16) Investment in Brands : Brand Identity


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