5 Trending Android App for your new Phone


It is more understood able that searching the best Android app for your mobile is really very hard, as Android play store is full of free and paid apps, there are bundles of application grouped under various category, and each of them are very worthy to furnish in our mobile.


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These mobile application are gone through the series of experiments, mobile application development is getting wider and broader with its favorable updates, the keen android developers are more innovative and skilled that they built such apps that can solve the users problem.

More importantly, we are here to discuss about the trending application, now the thing is, Suppose you got a new android mobile, comes up with high technology processor, digital mega pixel camera, with upgraded android version, all is good ! But certainly you don’t know which application is better for my new phone, you really can’t decide it as there are millions of third party and trust worthy application.

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I’ am really confused which app should I try? Help me

Usually at that time, I take help from Google “Best Android Application of 2015” , Ta da! I got my application that is recommended by many users, and from Google too. I am sharing here that five application that can really boost up your new device.

1) Pocket : This is the era of Internet, where you have to be keep up with the crowd, if you are not, you surely be gone for good, This small application “Pocket” will help you in getting all those news, trending and current affairs in no time.

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2) Evernote : Evernote is the another application, similar to that of Notepad in PC, Evernote is more enhanced in terms of writing and saving the note, it is an application where, you can write your note and can save that in cloud, and you can access it from anywhere in any device, just set up a good password.

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3) Launchers : I assured you, you will really not like the factory theme, your new phone really need some good customization and personalization, for that there are lots of themes and launchers you can get from store. For best I can suggest you some of the suited launchers:

1) Nova Launchers

2) Go Launchers

3) Action Launchers

4) Apus Launchers

5) Eviate Launchers

4) Greenify app hibernator : Battery is the most important part of your phone, it sometimes more vulnerable to problems, such as constant fear of battery drain, for that – Greenify app is there to stabilize your battery. It is having a fantastic auto – hibernation mode that can extend your battery life.

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5) Amazon Kindle : My friend is a geek, and he always stick to his books, his house is totally flooded with books, sometimes he got in real trouble when he want to go outside, you know ! He can’t take his books with him, I give him a simple solution – Amazon Kindle app, this app is a king of readers, having more than millions of e books, Amazon Kindle is the first priority of readers.

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Hope you like this. Thank you for Reading, Have a good day! Stay tuned for my Next Blog. 

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