Chevrolet To Demonstrate EN-V 2.0 Concept In China This Week


Chevrolet To Demonstrate EN-V 2.0 Concept In China this week find out more details here. General Motors initially presented its Chevrolet EN-V Concept at the Beijing Auto Expo in 2012 and separated from a significant redesign in late 2012, has remained reasonably peaceful as to the little electric urban versatility vehicle. At the same time Chinese clients wanting to get their active something like the EN-V 2.0 later on will be euphoric to take in the automaker will start showing the vehicle in China’s Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco City this week.

GM says the showings will help it further comprehend potential clients’ utilization of low-speed transportation vehicles like the EN-V 2.0 for their day by day drives. The vehicles will be tried throughout the span of two weeks in the city’s National Animation Industry Park and Eco-Business Park.

“This is a venture forward to understand GM’s vision for supportable urban versatility in a handy manner,” GM China president Matt Tsien said in an announcement. “It speaks to GM’s dedication and exertion to execute our ‘Guide to 2030′ that was taken off taking after Expo 2010 in Shanghai.”

The EN-V 2.0 can go up to 40 kilometers (around 25 miles) on a solitary charge, which GM says is all that could possibly be needed for most buyer’s normal every day drives to work. Moreover, the EN-V 2.0 will be advantageous in thick downtown areas, for example, those in China, as a common single-auto carport can hold four EN-V 2.0s.

GM joined forces up with SSTEC for the EN-V 2.0 undertaking, which is the lead engineer for the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City. The Eco City is the aftereffect of coordinated effort between the Chinese and Singaporean governments to create an ecologically cordial and asset rationing city with an eco-accommodating transportation system.

“SSTEC is exceptionally satisfied to work with GM and ECAC to investigate green answers for urban transportation challenges. We respect GM’s choice to utilize the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City for the testing and show of its new Electric Networked-Vehicle, and anticipate further extending our collaboration with GM later on,” said Ho Tong Yen, Chief Executive Officer of SSTEC.


  1. Nice car! I currently have a 2012 malbiu, which I love. I liked the malbiu styling since its 2008 introduction. I knew about the new malbiu for 2013, but opted to go with the ’12 model since i liked it first. However, this is a nice car and might be what I’ll trade for in a few years. I’ve never been a chevy fan, I always thought they had mediocre styling and unreliable cheap cars. But, thats has changed since the 2008 malbiu. just one question, the interior looks dark blue,is it?


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