How To Create A Vintage Look


If you are the type of girl that likes to have radical look changes from time to time, the vintage look is timeless and elegant. The vintage label covers quite a few eras; the roaring forties, the swinging sixties and the flowery seventies might appeal, or you might prefer to go back to the 1920 – anything pre-1920 would be classed as ‘antique’.

Here are a few fashion tips to boost your vintage look.

  • Makeup – There’s nothing wrong with experimenting as far as makeup goes. This can very often lead to a new look. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon is to sit in front of your dresser and try different ideas. Take a few selfies to show your friends and if you don’t normally wear much in the way of makeup, try some ruby red lipstick and heavy eyeliner.
  • Hairstyle – Why not ask your local stylist if she can recreate the sixties look? Of course, it depends on your hair and your personality, as to which style you can carry off. Check out the great examples of vintage hairstyles that Google Images pulls up and consider changing the colour of your hair. Talk to your hairstylist and see what she has to say, especially when she knows what the occasion is.
  • Accessorising – Vintage accessories over a modern outfit is a great way to come up with a 50s or 60s look. Go ahead and grab a pair of stunning vintage drop earrings Australia or antique stores in your country can offer and put on a traditional blazer and a pair of denim jeans. Vintage accessories include luxury watches, a hat and retro sunglasses. Check out Google Images for some accessory inspiration.
  • Mix Classics With Denim – Take a leaf from the fashion designer’s book and combine classic fabrics with denim; black leggings match with that classic Levi denim short from the 1970s. Denim shorts and skirts are wow items when combined with classical attire and with vintage jewellery, you are good to go.
  • Jumpsuit & Platforms – The vintage 70s look is ideal for summer parties and outings, with an animal print shirt and platform shoes, plus some art deco vintage jewellery.
  • Retro Print Dress And Wool Cardigan – Perfect for the spring days, with soft pastel colours and some tasteful vintage jewellery from the leading Australian antique and vintage jewellery dealer. Complete the look with Wayfarer shades and some colourful retro jewellery, with a pair of calf-length suede boots.
  • Business Suit With Vintage Jewellery – Ideal for formal functions, the classic 3-piece suit with a red handkerchief and vintage stud earrings from a leading online antique and vintage jewellery store. Brogue shoes complete the look, along with a Rolex watch and an Oxford leather briefcase. A short, professional-looking crop haircut would be perfect for the business look.

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