Storing Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Storing Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Jewellery is very costly as we all know and how to take care of it completely lies in your hands. Storing your jewellery is a very important thing which should be kept in mind for the longer shine and durability of it. Not only how to wear it, but also how to take care of it needs to be considered. Let us look at some of the points on storing your gold and diamond jewellery.

Gold and Diamond Jewellery

1. Avoid extreme temperature and humidity:

You should consider storing your jewellery at a normal temperature – not too hot nor too cold. Store it at a room temperature out of direct sunlight. Even the humidity plays a role in it. Low humidity prevents tarnishing and discoloration.

2. Choose a jewellery box with a soft lining:

There are a lot of boxes and containers available in market for storing your jewellery but instead of it, it’s recommended to find something which has soft fabric lining. This is because if at all you just drop your jewellery in the box, you won’t risk damaging the gemstones or metal.

Also the spots should be enough to store your  jewellery in a way that it doesn’t get clumped together. If your jewellery is touching each other, get a bigger jewellery box.

3. Store jewellery in clean location:

See to it that the box or the storage place of gold jewellery is clean, dry and fresh. The jewellery can pick up the foul smell and dinginess of its surroundings. So just vacuum out your jewellery box and make it healthy for your gold jewellery.

4. Using hooks to hang necklaces:

Most of the jewellery boxes have doors on either side which contains hooks for hanging necklaces on. It is important to hang your necklaces to prevent kingking and knotting. If your storage box doesn’t have it, you can try DIY solution. You can use push pins as the hook. If you decide to use the stand, make sure that it is tall enough for your necklace not to touch it on ground.

5. Store your diamonds and gemstones alone:

You would be already knowing that diamonds are the hardest gemstone in market. So it itself doesn’t get scratched but it can scratch other gemstones which are not as hard as them. So avoid rubbing of diamonds with any other jewellery pieces. So the gemstones should be piled up and stored but it should be arranged in a tray horizontally.

6. Storing Silver jewellery in cotton compartments:

The most important consideration when storing silver jewellery is keeping it in dry place and away from tarnishing jewellery. Therefore wrapping it up loosely in a cloth will allow some air flow but will keep jewellery protected. You can also silica packets for storing it.

7. Store your jewellery at a safe location:

Sometimes it becomes difficult to store your jewellery which prevents damage and also theft. At one place you want to store it at dry and organized place but on the other you want a safe place too. So the best place will be velvet lined drawers with a lock.

Gold & Diamond Jewellery

So above discussed are some points on how to store your gold,silver and diamond jewellery. Be smart enough and have the proper knowledge to take care of these precious jewels.   


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