How Technology Has Changed Communication

How Technology Has Changed Communication

How Technology Has Changed Communication

Healthy relationships are built on effective communication and technology has become a key part of that. Just as you need to communicate effectively with your partner and family, you need to be able to build relationships with your business stakeholders. Communication in all walks of life, for all sorts of reasons, is a critical aspect of human development and interaction.

Communication in the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed how we will communicate with one another for the foreseeable future. NBC was right to note that “The coronavirus pandemic drove life online. It may never return”. Personal and business communication has moved online. Sales are online, service is online with remote apps and chats, training and product development is online, so if you are not online, then your business will be left behind. Skype, Zoom, and a myriad of other instant chat and video apps have become available to communicate with work, family, and friends. Although face-to-face communication might be down, online communication and distance communication has increased dramatically during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Tech-Based Business Communication

For your business to be part of the new mainstream, you need to not only be online, but also in the Cloud and have integrated software and applications for your clients, customers, and suppliers to communicate with you. It sounds a complicated process and a wide range of tech for conversations.

The secret is to be able to focus on the communication and not the tech. When you start a call or enter a webinar, the last thing you want is your signal, or connection failing. Your business needs access to the latest apps and software as these form part of the infrastructure of modern communications. A great example of a managed service provider is Athens Micro, which is exactly what you need to keep your IT running smoothly. This allows you to focus on communication. 

Personal Communication

As mentioned, communication has been transformed. In the realm of personal communication, the main changes have been the manner in which individuals and families interact online. Regular family zoom calls for games nights and quizzes are a popular pastime. Long chats with those who haven’t been able to visit one another are done via video call and smart phone-based apps. Although we have been distanced by the pandemic, as a nation, we have also been brought closer together via communication technology.

Keeping Lines of Communication Open

To keep lines of communication open, in fact to join the conversation, you will need to ensure that your business, product or service’s message is communicated online. With the right SEO and targeting you will then be able to locate and focus your message on the right audience. But unless you are online, you will not have this opportunity. The basic IT setup is thus both necessary and essential for your business to run efficiently and to have the best chance to thrive. 

Look for support that is constant and preferably of the proactive sort. Do not have someone set you up who is unreliable or has no references – look local and look for a firm with a credible reputation.


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