Top SEO Tricks that will help to Boost up your Website’s Ranking


At this time the digital world has cut-throat competition and websites have become the single greatest portal for new customers to find your business. If we talk about a good onsite SEO Specialist in Delhi, they are the one who can open up your portal to several potential customers.

In this article, we are not only going to discuss the Top SEO tricks & tools but also about the top SEO Experts in India, who can boost-up your business with best SEO practices. Your website is an online shop and as like another businessman you would definitely want more and more customers should visit your shop every hour.

First of all, I have a question for you! Are you getting customers by putting a signboard outside your shop and advertising passersby about your products and business, or showing the billboards for your shops in all over India?

Usually, the answer is obvious, but if you haven’t get your website built –up without considering SEO techniques, you may face the ranking problem.

Anyways you need not worry! We are going to tell you about top SEO experts in India and their tricks & tools that will definitely help you to boost up your Website’s ranking, page rankings, and customer conversion timely.

SEO is very alert & active process if don’t optimize your site every day, you could be losing your ranking along with thousands of potential customers. Therefore go ahead and adopt these tricks & tools given by SEO Specialist in Delhi to improve your site’s rankings.

1. Use right Keywords instead of choosing numerous:

As you know! Keywords are like lifeblood for any onsite SEO process. Your first step must be for researching keywords that must fit your business niche. Secondly, you need to build a list of best keywords; some of them can be synonyms but you need not worry for that. Google usually assigns more value to the websites for using synonyms of keywords instead of repeating the same.

Most importantly and a research has shown that overstuffing the exact keywords are terrible for onsite SEO, it can directly effect on website ranking. Therefore before using keywords, make sure to use them in the most effective way.

2. Quality Links are very essential:

Remember! The home page of the websites always attracts more links than any other page of a website. So, why don’t you take that advantage and include links to the most important products in the body of your website’s homepage?

Hence, it’s not enough just to have a lot of backlinks; they must be quality backlinks too. So that you can get a massive boost in visitors and gives your business more legitimacy that can easily improve your website ranking.

3. Use Images carefully & wisely:

Images are important to make it more visually appealing for the visitors and also help to understand the culture or purpose of your message. Therefore, it should be used carefully and wisely. Make sure bigger pictures & files mean slower load times. That can also significantly hurt your website rankings.

Most badly, it turns site visitors away from the site. As per a recent study! 40% user doesn’t return back to a website if it takes more than 5 seconds to appear. Meanwhile, never forget that images must have titles, alt-text, and descriptions. So that images can be discoverable in search engines with your mentioned keywords.

4. Content must be Unique:

Firstly let me make it clear for you that you don’t need to post three updates daily, but a few updates per week can rank your site better if those are unique as Google loves unique content. New and unique content on a website can be the biggest contribution for rankings; you must have a blog if you don’t use blogging.

Because a site’s sole functions are blogs if you want your products and services should be visual for the customer. But keeping all content of your website unique & new is one of the best parts for increasing its rank.

5. Feature Syndicated Content:

If you post any informative video on a specific issue that your product, client or company is attempting to solve, that video description must have a backlink to your website.

However, if your company is featured in other else’s content; try to contact the producer so that you can have that site link on your website. It can be a win-win situation for both websites.

Onsite SEO: An Ultimate Business tricks

With the help of onsite SEO Expert in India, your site can show up higher results in search engine. That can easily bring more customers and business for you.

Therefore, don’t waste even a minute throwing away your potential customers. Now! Improve your SEO with top SEO Specialist in Delhi and watch how your business gets to thrive.

Author Bio – Shubham Garg is an SEO specialist with years of experience of the domain. He consults and guides brands on planning, execution and implementation of best SEO practice to help them with rankings and visibility. Currently, he is employed with Jeewan Garg.


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