Twin Train Derailment: Around 29 Killed and 25 injured in Madhya Pradesh

Twin derailment in Harda
Harda: Wreckage of bogies of a train after two express trains derailed in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday. PTI Photo(PTI8_5_2015_000091B)

On Tuesday midnight two trains derailed at a time while crossing a small bridge in Madhya Pradesh, Approximately 29 peoples died and 25 people injured in that hazardous accident.

The accident occurred between Khirkiya and Bhirangi stations on Khandwa-Irasi sections, 160 km from Bhopal. This accident gets caught at around 11:30 pm last night between Varanasi –bound Kamyani Express from Mumbai and the Mumbai – bound Janta Express that originated from Patna.

Travelers said they were tossed alert by the falling bogies which immediately loaded with sloppy water, “We felt the jerk in a flash. When we opened the door and checked, there was water all around. In a matter of moments, the train tilted. Furthermore, we all got caught and were stuck for three hours,” a survivor said.

Divisional Railway Manager, Bhopal, Alok Kumar said, “We have found 11 bodies in Janata Express and one in Kamayani Express. About others we are not sure — whether they were from nearby villages and victims of the flash flood”.

The Railway Ministry Prabhu has requested an investigation into the twin derailment and reported an upgraded ex-gratia of Rs two lacs each to the following of the family of perished. He said that a flash flood caused the swollen Machak River to overflow and wash out a section of the rail tracks, leading to the derailment of the two trains.


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