From London to New York City in 1 Hour with this Supersonic Plane

supersonic-plane-London-NYC-in 1 hour

Well this is really incredible to hear it that you can fly from London to New York in just 1 hour. This is really out of our world, but it’s true, AirBus had made a patent on Supersonic plane which can go faster than Mach 4.5.

Airbus has won a patent for a hypersonic traveler plane which could conceivably fly from London to New York in 60 minutes [1 hour]. They were honoured a patent on a thought for a hypersonic jetliner that is a suborbital rocket that would barge traveler at rates up to Mach 4.5, significance you could fly around 5,600 miles in 3 hours. Don’t you think this is incredible – Fun to fly with such great speed.

The plane is seen as the successor to the Concorde, a supersonic traveler stream that was in account from 1976 to 2003. While that unique air ship could hit speeds as high as Mach 2, this proposed hydrogen-controlled plane would go as high as Mach 4.5.

The air ship would take off vertically like a space shuttle, as you see in many space missions and — once it would move to more than 100,000 feet — ramjets, regularly seen on rockets, would take off to help the plane achieve its super speed.

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