What are the advantages of cPanel hosting?

Advantages of cPanel Hosting


CPanel is one of the most popular hosting control panel that is renowned for simplifying and managing the complex website hosting process by providing a graphical interface and an array of unmatched automation tools. This panel boasts 3 tiers that allow the users (administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners) to control many aspects of the websites and server administration that too with the help of a standard browser. Also, cPanel Hosting server can be functioned in both dedicated and VPS servers. If you are one of the business owners who is seeking a reliable and reputable data center in Indore that can allow you to make the best out of your investments, then approaching RackBank can be the best decision taken by you. It is a leading data center located in Indore which offers a wide array of hosting solutions that can help the businesses to grow and flourish. Whether you just established a startup or a manufacturing unit, media and Entertainment Company and so on, RackBank has served a wide assortment of the industries and hence possess extensive experience and knowledge in this field.

Some of the specific features offered by cPanel server are-

  •      based file manager,
  •      account verification of email,
  •      provision of visitor statistics,
  •      Web space and bandwidth availability details and so on.

 Advantages of cPanel hosting:

  1.        Easy to install
  2.        High degree of compatibility
  3.        Interactive interface
  4.        You need not to have hands on experience to use it
  5.        It offers easy website management

Thus, if you are someone who is looking forward to switch to another data center for any obvious reason or whether you just started up with a venture and need exemplary services, then you should undoubtedly head to RackBank. RackBank data centers is driven by a team of proficient and well versed engineers and managers who take time to understand the needs of their potential clients and thereafter offer tailor made services that can meet their needs and demands. Thus, you can contact RackBank and take advantage of its world class services.


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