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Women are always known to be fashionable and always wish to adopt the latest fashion trends. Today you can find a variety of materials available especially when you are looking for women’s nightwear which is sexy yet comfortable to wear. You can now check out and shop online for different kinds and colors of nightwear that would best fit you. 

The following are the various types of nightwear for women:

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Nightie or Nightgown: Nighties are everyone’s most favourite. Though it’s an old pattern yet you can look for ones with stylish borders, lace, embroidery that would upgrade its look. 

Pyjama set: the Pyjama sets are one of the most comfortable and stylish nightwear which comes with various prints, patterns, and colors to choose from. 

Shorts set: these are even more comfortable and fashionable. Whether you are tall or short these would definitely make you look sexy and calm simultaneously. 

Capri set: if you are not the one who opts for short sets then the Capri set would be the best nightwear for women especially in winter and those who live in a joint family. These are much decent nightwear which you can choose than the rest them.

Shorts set

Whenever you wish to buy nightwear, the most important thing which you need to look for is the fabric according to the weather. 

  • If its summer season then it’s a big no to nylon and other types of polyesters. This is because they are made out of think synthetic fibre which can trap odour, heat, and perspiration. 
  • Cotton is really soft and light in weight, affordable and breathable. The only thing is that it would absorb a lot of sweat. It gives a feeling of warmth and comfort.
  • Linen is made out of flax plant and is best to be worn in the summer season. Though it absorbs moisture it has the ability to get dried up faster. It is little stiff than cotton and is usually loosely woven so as to allow heat escape.
  • If you can spend more money to buy nightwear then you can go for the silk nightwear as it’s known as the queen of the lingerie World. It absorbs moisture from our skin and will help you to regulate the body temperature. It keeps you comfortable when you feel chills. It’s the best and sexiest choice when women are looking for the best material while choosing nightwear.

If you can’t spend more, then you can go for rayon which is pretty cheaper than cotton and is semi-manmade. It is widely chosen for pyjamas as it’s much more delicate than cotton. The bamboo which is eco-friendly is also a better option if you are looking for breathable nightwear material. 

You can find different colors in nightwear patterns. As black would absorb heat it’s always better to prevent the use of black color nightwear during the summer season. It’s always advisable to choose a loose one than the tight fit one. 

It’s always essential to keep in mind that the nightwear should be very soft and sensual. 


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