Chris Oyakhilome Inspires Television and The Word of God

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Christian pastor that has always been inspired by the word of God and the teachings of the bible to eliminate boundaries that exists throughout the world. Pastor Chris is the head of Christ embassy church, this is a church that currently spans over 50 countries all around the world. Some of the followers that Pastor Chris has been able to reach through Christ embassy are located in the United States while others include countries such as Africa, South Africa and the United Kingdom. If you can think of the country off of the top of your head, it is very likely that this church is currently active there. The teachings that are offered through services here would be Christian in theme, this includes things such as the power of faith and the importance of forgiveness. Life is an amazingly difficult experience for people in all different walks of life, but it is the mission of this church to make that just a bit easier. Having faith that God has a plan would often provide followers with the assurance that they need to continue moving forward on a daily basis. Just because someone follows the Christian faith does not mean their life would be any easier, but this teachings are intended to making getting out of bed just a bit less difficult. People all around the world have been impacted by this pastor and his drive to educate them about the presence of God within their lives, this is something that he has become very passionate about.

When you are as well known as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, it can be very easy to rest on what you have done. However, he has done anything but that as he continues to look for any avenues of growth that would allow him to make a meaningful impact on the world. If you are new to learning about this pastor, you may be unaware of the existence of Heaven Nation. However, this may be a tool that will forever change the way that you experience the word of God. People often struggle with concepts of faith simply because they lack access to quality teachings on a regular basis. Heaven Nation is a television network that recently was able to get off of the ground and begin operations. The goal of this network would be to allow believers to learn about the word of God at any time during the night or day. Traveling for the purpose of attending church has always been a barrier that has pushed many people away from being as active as they would have liked within the church. If you have struggled to find the time or the means of being able to get to church, you know how limiting this can be. The simple solution would be allowing the church to come to the believer in a format that is easy for them to take on when the need comes about. This television network has become a great platform for people that have struggled with access for a number of reasons in the past. A need to attend services live and in person is no longer something that you have to allow to hold you back. Instead, this amazing network allows you to experience quality Christian teachings at any time.


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