Is Fence Painting a Criminal Offence?

Is Fence Painting a Criminal Offence

Repainting your fence is a job you should do every few years. A new layer of paint should be applied in order to protect the wood against weather influences as well as pests. But do you know that there are some rules and laws when it comes to repainting certain fences and objects? That’s right. This is not a decision you can make on your own unless the whole neighborhood agrees.

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Restoring paint on fences around the house or cottage is certainly not an easy and pleasant job, but it must be done in order not to damage the wood. It would then be an even greater expense because you would have to replace the parts or the entire fence, depending on the condition.

It is therefore recommended to talk to a legal person who could clarify everything and make sure that your fence is redesigned legally.

Cleaning and painting of a wooden fence is the key to the extension of its lifetime, as the new paint layer will protect the wood from the pest and atmospheric influence. We all want our homes to look nice, but if you share the same fence with your neighbor, you cannot start repainting it without talking to them first.

When it comes to tools, you will need: a brush or roller paint, steel and plastic brush and sanding paper, mask and gloves, adhesive tape and protective paper. Even if your wooden fence is not painted at the moment, you’ll need to clean it first, remove the dirt so that the new color can fit. Therefore, apply a paint remover first to the wood, and then remove the dirt. Do not wait for the paint to dry, but brush the surface while it is still moist. In this way, you will remove the surface, but also the layer that began to rot. But the problem with that is, in order to make that possible, you will probably need to use some tools that can make a noise and disturb your neighbors. Before you begin working, you must notify your neighbors and ask them what will be the best time of the day to work. This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to perform garden work in your home, but if they are being bothered by that, they have all the right to call the police and stop you.

Before painting, make sure you put a protective tape on the grass of your neighbors so that you do not ruin it. You can paint with a brush or a roller. Start from horizontal, and continue with vertical battens from top to bottom in order not to make a mess. When everything is painted, allow it to dry well and apply another layer as the fence will be better protected and more beautiful.


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