How Are Websites Designed With Search Rankings In Mind?


Modern Search Engine Optimization is a rather broad and complex field. Part scientific and analytical endeavor and part artistry, it is a unique area of marketing inherently connected to the way in which modern people access information. Website design has a big part to play in any comprehensive SEO campaign. The Google search algorithm is especially picky when it comes to ranking results based on the actual makeup and content of a site. Here are some of the ways in which good website design can promote a healthy and fruitful relationship with search engine algorithms and drive up client traffic.

Website Speed

Page speed is a known ranking signal. This means that search engines will take into account the loading times of your website when determining how prominently to display it in user search results. This obviously means that a search engine friends website should be designed from the ground up to minimize loading times. This can involve the shunning of large animations and images, the simplification of page design, and the compression of files. No matter how it is achieved, a short loading time will make for good results.

Content And Keywords

As search engine algorithms and SEO tactics have become more complex, it has become easy to forget the biggest ranking factor around. Keywords are words that potential visitors will likely search if they want to find a website. In web design and content creation, you want to match the keywords used with the likely search terms of target audiences as closely as possible. This takes market research and a willingness to spend some real time getting to know target audiences.

Likewise, the actual content of a website will have a huge influence on its search engine ranking. If visitors come back time and time again for relevant and interesting content, search engine algorithms will take notice.

Serving Local Needs

At its core, good SEO should always revolve around knowing what potential visitors are likely to search for. If a site is being designed for a client that wants to appeal to people in their local area, web design should reflect the desires, trends, and gaps in the market presence in that area. Hiring a local web designer can make this process a little easier. If you want to appeal to a client’s customers in the Midlands, for instance, you could do a great deal worse than hiring the experts at ALT Agency, who specialize in web design Rugby.

Mobile Compatibility

Since 2017 over 50 percent of online surfing has been undertaken on mobile devices. This has caused a huge shift in the way websites are designed. Search engine ranking algorithms have also been redesigned in order to take into account the shift towards mobile surfing. If a website is not compatible with mobile devices, then it is rightfully shunned by modern search engines – the ranking systems of which are designed to ensure the satisfaction of the largest number of users. Designing a site without good mobile compatibility is no longer an option!


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