How to Inject a Spring-Like Ambience into Your Decor


Spring is just around the corner, and lighter mornings and warmer evenings are (hopefully at least) not too far away.

Whether you are looking to entirely redecorate and redesign an entire room or simply want to invest in a few key pieces to lighten and brighten your home’s atmosphere, here is how to inject a spring-like ambience into your decor.

Add a Touch of Lemon

From lemon zest, richly scented candles and oil burners to lemon tea towels and doorknobs on the kitchen cabinets, adding a splash of lemon yellow to your decor will not only have a positive impact on your mood every time you head into the room but will also create an atmosphere of sunshine throughout your home.

Experts in color psychology additionally state that lemon yellow features and accents in interior design frameworks offer a sense of fun and a feeling of hope just around the corner.

Fresh Flowers Everywhere

Unless you are someone who suffers from regular bouts of hay fever, another simple and affordable yet effective way of embracing spring in your home design is to bring in an array of fresh bouquets of flowers.

Should you not want to flood your home with floral fragrances, you could instead choose a couple of places, ideally communal areas, to place your flowers, such as on a small stand in the hallway or on the middle of the dining room table.

Just a few of the many benefits of sharing your home with fresh flowers include:

  • Improved duration and quality of sleep
  • Higher cognitive function
  • Purer and cleaner air
  • Positive changes to your mental health and emotional well-being

A Window Reading Nook

Whether you are an avid reader or not, the aesthetic impact of a reading nook underneath the largest window in your home is truly something to behold.

Prominent luxury furniture designers ligne roset in Hampstead, UK will guide you through the entire process of choosing the perfect statement piece of furniture to include in your reading nook and can even advise on the color scheme for the cushions and other soft furnishings, too.

Whimsical Tableware

When it comes to how you lay the table, especially when expecting guests for dinner, even though your expensive china is always a good way to start proceedings, if you are truly into embracing a spring-like theme for your decor, invest in more whimsical, even mismatched plates, bowls and cutlery.

Focus on pastel colors here, and for even more spring points, look for crockery with intricate patterns around the outside, which will be extra appropriate should you be planning an afternoon tea party.

Update the Paintwork

Finally, in terms of the entirety of your interior living spaces, another highly affordable springtime update would be to give your walls and ceilings a fresh lick of paint. Fresh and bright whites, over beige and cream, are much more in keeping with such a design aesthetic, and for wall art, you could even have a spring meadow mural painted by a local professional artist.


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