Google is removing Chrome’s notification center

Google is removing Chrome’s notification center

Chrome OS is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and outlined by Google to work with web applications and installed applications.

Initially, Chrome OS was client operating system that comes up with native application but Google had encourage developers to create “packaged application”, and some of the app can work offline too.

Google has announced that it will remove the chrome notification center in the next launch  of chrome of Windows, Mac, Linux. However, the company said that the feature remain unchanged on its Chrome OS.

The notification center assists user with checking their email and other alerts from web applications they use with Chrome. Google introduced notification center in Chrome in 2013 much before it appeared on Windows.

Google announced that company rolled out Chrome v46 for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms with bug fixes and security improvements. As per Justin DeWitt, Software Engineer, the upcoming Chrome version would be completely eliminating the desktop notifications option from Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, the feature would still be there in Chrome OS, adds DeWitt on the Chromium blog post.

The updated browser would begin stamping HTTPS sites with minor errors with the same blank page icon utilized for HTTP sites.

Prior these pages were marked with yellow alert triangles. According to the firm, it is a superior sign for security. On the other hand, the secured HTTPS pages, normal HTTP pages and broken HTTPS pages symbols would stay unaltered. Google also removes the notification center as this feature is not much used by people.


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