How to Take Care of Baby Teeth?

How to Take Care of Baby Teeth

It is a big mistake to obey the hygiene of baby teeth under the pretext that the child is still small. Baby teeth are very sensitive, so if a large number of bacteria, frequent meals and weaker defensive properties of saliva are fitted, the development of a very severe and serious tooth disease can occur. The hygiene of the first teeth begins with cut vertical movements, going from the right to the biting surfaces, both from the outside (towards the lips) and from the inside (towards the tongue). In the meantime, the child should learn to use a brush. Here at corner stone dentist we know how to take care of baby teeth.

Baby teeth should be frequently observed
Whenever they notice any changes in the appearance of whitish or grayish spots, the child should immediately, without waiting, visit a specialist – a dentist. If one does not respond quickly, a serious, often irreversible damage to the teeth can occur within a few weeks. If a dentist says that there is nothing that can be done, make sure you ask for a second opinion from another dentist.

A child should be guided by a dentist before the third year
It is necessary to take the child at least twice a year to be examined, and always whenever something seems to be suspicious. Regular controls at the dentist, who have a friendly attitude towards children, create a habit and prevent the fear of a dental office.

Baby teeth should be treated urgently when they are damaged
Since the importance of the presence of baby teeth is high, it is necessary to prevent the disease in time, but also to take immediate treatment. Baby teeth are thin, sensitive, and they can be damaged much faster. Never obey the advice that baby teeth do not need to be “repaired”. Sometimes the parents have a dilemma whether it is a great psychological trauma when a child survives dental interventions in the first and second year. However, today there are modern materials and tools with which it is possible that most of the operations are done practically without pain.

Baby teeth must be extracted if they cannot be cured
If there is no possibility of treating or curing the teeth, the tooth must be removed because it is a source of infection. Damage to permanent teeth is possible, and there is a harmful effect on the immune system, joints, heart and general health. There is always a danger that the smallest fall in immunity will lead to serious complications.

Baby teeth require the use of fluoride
Fluorides are the most powerful dental cleaners and are very helpful in keeping them clean. They are also the main reason for a significant decline in the prevalence of many diseases in developed countries. The use of children’s fluoride toothpaste is mandatory. For other forms of fluoride (solutions, gel) it would be best for a specialist to determine them in relation to individual risk. Make sure you contact us on Google, Facebook and Twitter.


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