Pastor Chris and The Higher Life Conference in UK

Pastor Chris and The Higher Life Conference in UK

September 8 to 10 will be days of joyous celebration as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will share on these dates the word of God and preach about the higher life at the epic O2 Arena in London, England. With these three days of this affordably priced activity, many people will hear him talk about the significance of a deep understanding of God. The arena has a capacity to seat about 20,000 worshippers and will be able to cater to one of the highest numbers of attendees to date in United Kingdom.

The conference has made it one of its aims to reach out to many believers and preach about how the children of God have a higher purpose in the higher life God has set up for them. It will also be a day full of wondrous prayers and worship filled with dances, musical acts and various performances coming from international artists who preach the gospel.

It will also be a series of days of storytelling about the miracles, healing powers and inspiring retellings of people touched by the Holy Spirit.

The official registration for those who want to join publicly opened last August 7. The schedule of the conference will have after sessions in all days and each afternoon talk will cost £1.50, which willl reach a total amount of £4.50. Service on August 8 will start at around 6pm while the August 9 date will begin at 4pm. August 10 service will start the talk at 1pm.

Other than gracing the occasion with his miraculous words, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will also feature in his talks the presence of another popular greatly respected pastor from the Believer’s LoveWorld group. There will be exciting and glorious activities lined up in the conference, and these include preaching, speaking in tongues, guides on how to take the path of Jesus, and word on how to appreciate his gift of meditation, annointing, healing and other divine miracles.

In each of the session, the believers will be presented with fantastic talk on the annointed and blessed Biblical text interpretations available today. This means that the event will be filled with an atmosphere conducive to attracting the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Oyakhilome is the Nigerian Minister who is commonly called Pastor Chris by his followers and is the founding powerful president of Believer’s LoveWorld Incorporated, a church group that preaches about the love of God and the higher life with him.

Africa’s leading and influential preacher, Pastor Chris has built and expanded his Christ Embassy to all over the world to spread the Bible-based words that help spread the Christian teachings and its path to the Higher Life.

Pastor Chris became also renowned because of the book he wrote entitled Rhapsody of Realities, a diary of sorts that detail the daily devotional life of being with Jesus and a book so influential it was translated into more than 900 languages. Pastor Chris also becomes closer to God by spreading his philantropic work in his InnerCity Missiion, an advocacy that provides food assistance to remote places distressed by conflict, especially in Africa.

With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his partner Pastor Benny Hinn, the first Christian TV channel dedicated to spreading the word of God in the United States was established, and it is called the LoveWorld USA channel. It is the Pastors’ dream to spread via the TV channel the word of God that provides hope and joy springing from the Holy Spirit and the awesome power demonstrated among the believers of God.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will uplift, heal, inspire and transform people and teach them the way into love through the words and grace of the Holy God during the once in a lifetime Higher Life Conference UK. With God’s calling, Pastor Chris will continue sharing the gift of this conference since the first conference started 6 years ago. Bookings will be available at


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