Worried about Rashes? Change your Ordinary Wipes

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Worried about Rashes? Don’t just change diapers, change your ordinary wipes:

Diaper rashes are extremely common among infants and a cause for worry for many parents. It mostly occurs in infants between the age of 9 to 12 months; although rashes have been seen as early as 1 month after a baby’s birth. A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and susceptible to these rashes. The sensitive skin also prevents the application of any strong anti-microbial ointments. Disinfecting the area can become a painful experience for both the parent and the infant. Thus, these rashes can become extremely irritating for the infant.

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What causes rashes?

Often, microbes from the soiled or wet diaper act on the baby’s sensitive skin and cause rashes. These microbes are not gone by simply wiping the baby’s buttocks. The area needs to be dried before applying a fresh diaper since the moist environment is ideal for bacterial and fungal growth.

Preventing these rashes:

This is where the wet wipes come into play. Alcohol based wet wipes, while killing bacteria, also harm the child as it causes irritation. Water based wet wipes are a better alternative. Mother Sparsh has introduced India’s first water based wipes Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes. These wipes are made of 100% plant fabric and contain mild anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents. These wipes are extremely friendly to the skin of a newborn and doesn’t cause irritation. This greatly helps in reducing the chance of bacterial and fungal growth on the sensitive skin, thus cutting down the chance of rashes from occurring.

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About Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes:

Every newborn deserves the best care in the world. That starts with choosing the best wipes for him/her. India’s first water based wipes brand produces wipes which are 100% alcohol, paraben and polyester free. These elements are irritating for the sensitive skin and often serve to aggravate the problem. Simply wiping your newborn’s buttocks with cloth is not recommended as scientific studies have proved that even cloth which has been washed properly can hold up to 10gms of faeces. This means millions of microbes are being transferred from this cloth to the skin of your child whenever you are using it. It’s the use of this kind of cloth that causes the allergy and rashes. The water based wet wipes by Mother Sparsh are the best alternative. These wet wipes are clinically tested and have proved to be ideal for this purpose. The velvety-soft texture and the purity which comes from 98% water is indeed the best care for your newborn.

Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes

Moreover, since these are made of 100% plant based fabric, the wipes are biodegradable. This makes them environment friendly as the disposed wet wipes make for 7.6 billion pounds of garbage annually. Statistically, this makes the wet wipe the 3rd largest consumer product to end up in landfills and constitutes about 30% of the total non-biodegradable waste. Thus, these wet wipes aren’t just friendly to the sensitive skin of newborns; they are friendly towards the environment too.


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