How to Create Viral Instagram Photos

How to Create Viral Instagram Photos

How to Create Viral Instagram Photos 

There’s an ongoing myth or misconception when it comes to social media marketing. I can understand where this myth is coming from. There are all sorts of companies, organizations, and individuals out there who try to brand themselves as some sort of Instagram social media marketing specialists.

They post all sorts of stuff trying to make viral content marketing on Instagram more mysterious than it needs to be. Either they baffle readers with stats or simply bombard them with jargon, these colorful characters draw a lot of attention to themselves by trying to make Instagram marketing more complicated than it actually is.

The more people they get to believe in their expertise, the more money they make. Pretty straightforward. It’s all about making money.

I get that part, but the problem is they make a big deal about “viral content.” They keep saying that there is something about the content in of itself that will somehow trigger people into sharing that content. People only need to see that piece of content, whether it’s a photo ort video, it doesn’t matter and they can’t seem to help themselves. They can’t put their finger around it, but there’s something about the content that just makes them want to share that content and otherwise, engage with that content that ultimately makes it popular.

Well, this is the hype. Don’t believe it. If you really want to create viral Instagram photos, it’s actually easier than you think. You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to retain the services of a social marketing guru. Just do the following. 

First, make sure you find all the biggest accounts in your niche. If you’re in the baby shoes niche, find big accounts on Instagram that specialize in baby shoes. 

Next, pay attention to their content that gets a lot of engagement. This is their most viral content. 

Third, sturdy the content. Can you come up with something similar? Can you find stuff on the internet that you can readily share that is very similar? 

Fourth, pay close attention to their hashtags and comments. Once you get all this information, you can then come up with something very similar then present it to your following. If you did your homework right and you made the necessary tweaks and adjustments, you will roughly get the same results.

But wait, there is one missing ingredient. You have to understand that just because your followers already subscribed to your account, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will automatically engage with your content. 

You have to give them some sort of signal or encouragement to engage with your content. This is where social proof comes in. If you publish a viral video that is similar to other viral videos out there, your followers might not engage with it all that well in the beginning because they feel that it doesn’t have enough likes and views at first. 

Get rid of this initial suspicion by buying Instagram likes for your Instagram photo content or buy Instagram photo views for your video materials. Once you get the initial suspicion and skepticism out of the way, it can be smooth sailing from that point onward.


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