How to get more positive app reviews

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What is a review?
A review can be defined as an assessment of books, apps, games, companies or
any kind of proclamation. It can also be objects like cars, home appliances, or
places like movie theaters, events like concerts. Along with review, there are
ratings as well. The reviews can be both positive and negative.

Fetching of more positive reviews
For the development of the app store it is very important to have users who
possess positive opinion regarding their services. The world is highly familiar with
downloading apps be it an android user or an iOS user. The user always prefer to
go through the reviews blindly or thoroughly before downloading the app. If an
app has good reviews, it is enough to influence people to download the app.
Majority of people trusts the reviews of the app rather than the
recommendations from a friend, as they consider it to be the most vital part.
Earlier it is mentioned that the reviews goes parallel with the ratings, they are
equally important. If, for example a person has high rated the app without any
reviews attached, can very much convince the people about the app.
There are some ways an app store can get more positive app reviews, they are:

  1. Creating a great product
    To create an app which provides vivid and rudimentary use for the users
    and needs is a primary way to fetch more reviews. Its very important for
    the users to understand the fundamental functions and the product. The
    constant fixation of the bugs is necessary for the normal functioning of the
    app. Moto to provide happiness to the users for the good ratings.
  2. Improvement of the app
    If a user has low rated the app due the bugs, there is always a way to fix the
    app so that the user enjoys the better version of the app. This might lead to
    them changing the lower ratings to high. To be in regular touch with the
    users with negative review is highly important. This might give some ideas
    to solve the problems and deliver a good app for the people to use.
  3. Feedback stimulation
    Stimulating feedback feature in the app is also one of the important ways
    to get positive reviews. Ask for their feedback, but less annoyingly, because
    no user himself rates the app. Now in many apps there are constant pop
    ups regarding issue of the app, which gets annoying and compels the user
    to leave a bad review to the app. This mistake can be fixed by removal of
    such pop ups and asking them for the review at intervals.
  4. Identification of the most engaged users
    The app created will not be able to make every user happy. They will end
    up giving negative reviews. By targeting the people for reviews, uses the
    app regularly and are happy about it, is the better option. If these people
    are given preference, the negative reviews will not cross the path.
  5. Displaying the benefits of the ratings.
    It is very important for the people to remind that their reviews and ratings
    are highly important, which is highly beneficial not only for the app but also
    for the users. As their feedback and reviews will encourage the app store to
    launch more contents, less bugs and more enjoyment for the users.
  6. Rewarding the users for rating the app
    Offering the users some gifts or money as a reward for rating and reviewing
    the app, will keep the users more enthusiast.
  7. Reviews through social media
    Another way to fetch positive reviews from the people is through the social
    media. Through social media the app stores can gain huge popularities.
    Reviews and rates have proved to be the most important tool for the app stores.
    The app can gain popularity amongst the people through good positive review. If
    there is a bad or a negative review, the app stores should fix the problems and
    the bugs which is restraining the people from positive reviews. Every app should
    have a feature of feedback, this enables them to stay updated with problems and
    people’s reaction. The app should always focus on the positive reviews, so tha the
    negative ones shall not cross paths.


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