KEEPTO half gallon 64oz motivational water bottle

water bottle

Thinking about paying for a bottle that teaches you time management?

For your child and family, KEEPTO could be a wonderful bonus in this summertime!

Do you know, drinking maximum water helps your body to function properly?

KEEPTO half gallon 64oz motivational water bottle is made for you— to stay hydrated!

You may not know but our skin needs proper hydration. It can be maintained only by drinking pure water. Having this bottle with you, you will rarely face any skin problem (e.g dry skin, soreness, redness etc). The bottle helps you to stay fit!

With KEEPTO, you will never face any dehydration issues. It is designed in such a way that it will provoke you to drink within 2 hours. It will help you consume maximum water during the day.

It is 100% leak-proof. Its silicon straw allows you to enjoy spill-proof sipping. The mouth of the bottle is easy to clean. It is easy to drink water and freeze ice and other things. Featured with a transparent appearance, you can easily measure the amount of water intake.

The biggest factor is— it has zero plastic bubbles. Without any doubt, it is eco-friendly and favourable for health. Moreover, it has no chemical smell or smell of any kind.

64 oz water bottle with time marker is specially designed for sports enthusiasts or anyone who is more conscious about fitness (I know you’re one of them).


➢ It can be used for any cold drink.

➢ It has a sturdy handle— carry it wherever you go

➢ This almost all is available in five colours.

➢ It is free of plastic BPA

➢ It has a built-in time marker

➢ It has a Puck Star wash Brush

Motivational Water Bottle: The time marker is very impressive! It motivates you to take the right quantity of water during the day and move on!

Water Bottle for gym: You can use it for any purpose.

Stylish Water Bottle: This bottle has been made free from dust, dirt and any kind of leakage.

Water bottle for kids: This is also suitable for kids, it gives children a good timetable and makes them more productive.

Easy to clean: It is very easy to clean because it has a very wide mouth.

What I Like:

  • Water intake is good
  • Portable & lightweight
  • Easy to hold
  • Nice straw cleaner
  • Amazing drinking routine

Remember: Hand wash only— simply wash the bottle with baking soda and vinegar.


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